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Sapor Coffee & Concepts – Denver

Sapor Coffee & Concepts – Denver

In 2017, Caleb and Jeanie Sprenger initiated a campaign on Kickstarter with the goal of funding the creation of their dream coffee shop. The plans had been in the works for a fair amount of time, but after generating ten thousand dollars through online donations, the Sprenger duo were able to welcome their generous patrons to Sapor Coffee and Concepts by 2018.  Check out our best Sumatra coffee list when you get a moment!

They Never Use Syrups

The concept of Sapor involves taking coffee back to the basics. This does not exclude being artistic and inventive with their craft, but rather narrows their focus to presenting a true coffee experience. Sapor does not include syrups in any of their drinks, as in their own words, doing so “hides” the coffee.

Serving Pure Coffee From Local Roasters

To them, drowning the coffee in a sea of different flavors and additives would be backwards thinking, as where the true flavor lies is in the coffee itself. Sapor proudly serves the local Lakewood roasts of Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters.

The connection Sweet Bloom creates with the farmers it sources its beans from ensures that the quality is high. Placing emphasis on the health of the plants that the beans come from, and not just the beans themselves, helps the promote the flavors from the very beginning till it is sloshing into customers’ mouths.

It’s a Family Affair

The owner of Sweet Bloom, Andy Sprenger, is the uncle of Sapor’s Caleb Sprenger, and through this relationship, Sapor is able to provide Sweet Bloom to the cafe-going community at large. 

While you can visit Sweet Bloom’s website to view and purchase their roasts, Sapor Coffee and Concepts likes to keep their menu within the confines of their cafe. Yes, you can expect the coffee standards such as espresso, drip coffee, pour overs, cold brew, and more.

Despite not using syrups, they do still serve lattes, as milk is not beyond them. Further beverages served are seasonal coffees, teas, chai, matcha, and kombucha.

The Menu is Mysterious For a Reason

In keeping the secrets of their menu guarded, Sapor still provides rough descriptions, just enough to entice a person to try something, but the ingredients are intentionally left out with the purpose of letting the customer figure them out for themselves. Much like a beer or wine tasting, coffee is a delicacy at Sapor. 

Modern Decor and Nice Natural Lighting

The space that customers seat themselves and test their taste buds is an open and inviting one. Mostly covered in blacks and whites, the look is modern.

The white topped coffee bar is in the center of the room, with five sides of its hexagonal structure encompassed by black metal stools that allow for customers to engage with the baristas in direct, friendly fashions. A wooden platform hovers over the bar, equipped with a bit of lighting, but most of the light comes naturally through the multiple window-walls.

There is Plenty of Seating at Sapor Coffee

A couple of these walls also have stools draped in front of them for those that want a direct view of the outside, and otherwise, there are also standard tables and chairs. Sapor Coffee and Concepts can seat a lot of people and is ready to serve the secret subtitles of Sweet Bloom.


2795 Speer Blvd, STE 17, Denver, Colorado, 80211.

Did You Know That There’s More Than One Way To Make Espresso?

Did You Know That There’s More Than One Way To Make Espresso?

Espresso is a style of coffee that was created in Italy, and there are different types to make. Each has its own unique flavor that will appeal to individual coffee drinkers.

Let’s take a closer look at how espresso is served, and the different ways that coffee lovers like to consume this beverage. Pair with premium Brazilian coffee candy and watch your day brighten.

#1. Ristretto

Ristretto espresso is often referred to as a “coffee shot”, even though most forms of espresso have been given this name. This style of espresso is made with half the amount of water than you would normally use, and the same amount of coffee.

This blend has a syrupy texture, and has a bitter taste, because it is concentrated and strong.

There are ways to make it less concentrated, but most people prefer to consume it in this fashion. Ristretto is bitter, but it’s not as strong tasting as other espresso varieties.

People who like strong, unfiltered coffee drinks will be attracted to Ristretto. The drink is rich, and is best served with sweets or foods such as hearty roasts, stews, or quiche.

If a person likes to drink alcohol, they can mix this strong espresso with a dark liquor. Kahlúa is a Mexican-based liquor that has a coffee-like taste. It will blend well with Ristretto, or some people use Frangelico, which is a hazelnut and herb liquor that is produced in Italy.

Also, people like to consume a Ristretto coffee when they want to raise their energy levels.

#2. Lungo

When more water is poured over coffee grinds within an espresso machine, it will cause the drink to become more bitter. A Lungo espresso is a strong, but watery version of espresso.

It is made with twice as much water as a regular espresso. This type of coffee is often mixed with various coffee flavorings, milk, cream and/or sugar. Coffee enthusiasts prefer to drink it in its natural form.

People who really love to drink strong and bitter coffees will get a kick out of the bold flavor of Lungo. The coffee’s powerful taste is best served with desserts, or it can be sweetened and used as a post-dinner coffee drink.

Lungo is also consumed in the afternoon, when people want a midday boost to keep them going until the evening.

#3. Regular Espresso

Regular espresso is made by forcing hot water, through a machine, over coffee grounds. This type of coffee blend is thicker, and has a higher concentration of coffee than other types.

The rich and thick flavor of an espresso is hard to ignore. Many people like to enjoy this drink in its natural form, but others typically add condiments and creamers to water down the bold flavor.

People generally consume espresso during any part of the day. However, most people will drink this coffee as part of their morning routine, or they will grab a cup during lunch in the afternoon.

This drink is also best served with sweet foods, and traditional dishes that are rich and hearty.

The Difference Between Espresso, Lungo and Ristretto

Espresso, Lungo and Ristretto are names of the types of espresso coffees that people often consume. Espresso is the normal sized cup for this drink.

Espresso typically uses about 2 ounces of water. A Ristretto takes about one ounce of water, and a Lungo utilizes 4 ounces of water.

Essentially, these different styles are still espresso. However, they are all defined by the amount of water used to make them.

Why Should You Drink Black Coffee?

Why Should You Drink Black Coffee?

Damn good question!

The health effects of drinking black coffee is a curiosity in many people’s minds. People want to know whether the consumption of plain black coffee can influence their health.

As with the majority of medicines, where their effectiveness is determined by the right consumption, black coffee acts in the same way. [By the way, you can find our new coffee thermos reviews here].

There are nutrients and antioxidants in black coffee, so drinking it will allow you to enjoy its numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are included below.

#1. Workout Performance Improvement

There may be a drastic improvement in physical performance, and the ability to give 100 percent during workout sessions, after drinking black coffee.

This makes it the main reason why your trainer at the gym might request that you have a cup of it before going for a workout. It prepares your body by releasing the adrenaline to handle physical exertions.

Body fats are also broken down into fatty acids, and then released to the bloodstream to fuel physical activities.

#2. Memory Booster

As you get old, cognitive skills and memory recall are reduced, so you’re thereby at a higher risk of Parkinson’s or dementia. Brain function and memory power are enhanced when you drink a cup of black coffee in the morning.

Your blood and nerves also remain active the whole day, and as a result, you will reduce your risk of dementia. Parkinson’s could be reduced by up to 60% through the regular intake of black coffee.

#3. Weight Loss Promotion

Black coffee intake, a few minutes before a workout, gives you the energy to stay focused for longer. The more the time you stay at the gym, the more weight you could lose.

The beverage also boosts metabolism by about 50%, hence aiding in burning your belly fat. Your fat cells can be broken down, through the stimulation of the nervous system, by black coffee intake. These fats are used as fuels during workouts.

#4. Stress Reduction

If stress is not treated, it can result in depression, and could also put you at risk for other health conditions. The statistics say that for every 2 people, one is dealing with stress of some kind.

By drinking a cup of black coffee, your mood will be rejuvenated, making you feel more positive. Your nervous system is then stimulated to produce hormones for happiness, so the stress and depression are kept away.

#5. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Millions of individuals across the globe are affected by diabetes. Its increase has resulted in other health conditions rising as a side effect.

You can effectively fight diabetes by drinking black coffee daily. Insulin production is boosted by coffee. However, eating healthy foods will help to cure insulin resistance; that, in turn, will help the insulin lower your blood sugar more effectively.

#6. Stomach Cleansing

There are a lot of toxins that go into our stomachs, due to the unhealthy foods we eat daily. You can detoxify with black coffee, because it acts as a diuretic to help flush the toxins out. Urine eliminates all unwanted and toxic substances.

#7. Black Coffee Can Benefit The Liver

There are a few vital bodily functions that are managed by the liver. This is because the liver is the largest body organ, and it seems to have a love for coffee.

There are many diseases that this beverage helps to fight, including hepatitis, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and fatty liver.

When you drink about 4 cups of black coffee every single day, you decrease the risk of problems with your liver. The harmful enzymes in the liver are also lowered.