How To Clean A Ninja Coffee Maker With Vinegar Fast and Effective!

Are you looking for an easy, effective, organic, and quick way to get your Ninja Coffee Maker sparkling clean? Worry not! The Ninja is one of my many coffee makers and I have cleaned it up a few dozen times over the last few years.

Cleaning A Ninja Coffee Maker With Vinegar

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I’ll be using vinegar as it is an inexpensive, natural cleaning agent that will not only leave your coffee maker spotless but can also help extend its life. In this blog post, I’ll go in-depth about how to properly use vinegar to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker so you can enjoy your coffee from your favorite machine for years to come. Here we go!

1. Gather Your Supplies

Are you ready for some serious scrubbin’ and cleanin’? Gather your supplies and let’s get to work!

First up, we’ll need a large bowl to mix our cleaning solution in. Next, grab some white vinegar: this powerful ingredient is great for removing tough stains and killing bacteria.

Finally, don’t forget your trusty sponge or brush to help scrub away any dirt or grime. With these supplies on hand, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle even the messiest cleaning jobs. So roll up your sleeves, put on your favorite cleaning playlist, and move on to the next step.

2. Remove The Carafe From The Ninja Coffee Maker And Empty Any Remaining Coffee Grounds

There’s nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning but sometimes we forget to remove the carafe from the ninja coffee maker before making our way out the door.

No need to fret though, with a quick and easy routine of removing the carafe and emptying any remaining coffee grounds, you can have a spotless machine that’s ready for your next brew. Not only will this simple task keep your coffee tasting delicious but it will also prolong the life of your machine. So, take a moment each day to give your ninja coffee maker a little TLC and enjoy the perfect cup every time.

3. Fill The Bowl With 1 Cup Of White Vinegar And 1 Cup Of Water

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The best and most natural way to clean your coffee is with the combination of white vinegar and water.

With just 1 cup of each, you can fill a bowl and have an effective cleaning solution that’s tough on grime but gentle on the environment. Not only will this gentle mixture work here, but folks also use it to clean their kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles or even your windows, this simple mixture will get the job done. So next time you’re looking for a non-toxic cleaning solution, reach for the white vinegar and water and rest easy knowing this is a safe way of cleaning your Ninja machine.

4. Place The Carafe In The Bowl And Let It Soak For 15-20 Minutes

Cleaning a carafe can be a daunting task especially if it’s caked with residue that just won’t come off. But worry not! All you need to do is place your carafe in a bowl and let it soak for 15 minutes. This will give the cleaning solution enough time to break down any build-up or stains, leaving your carafe sparkling clean. So go ahead, give it a try and make your carafe look brand new!

5. Take Out The Carafe And Use A Sponge Or Brush To Scrub Off Any Buildup Or Residue

When it comes to cleaning your carafe, it’s important to not just rinse it out and call it a day. Over time, residue and buildup can accumulate inside the carafe, compromising the taste of your coffee or tea. So, taking the time to give it a thorough scrub with a sponge or brush is well worth the effort. By removing any buildup or residue, you’ll ensure that your beverage is consistently delicious with each pour. Plus, keeping your carafe clean will help it last longer so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks for years to come. So go ahead, take out that carafe and get cleaning!

6. Rinse Thoroughly With Cold Water

Finally, you want to rinse your carafe with nice, cold water to get any left over vinegar or dirt and minerals.  Once you do this, it should be sparkling clean and ready to be used again.

Here is a video for you in case it’s easier to visualize this process:


Cleaning your ninja coffee maker may seem intimidating but proper maintenance can ensure your machine will perform to its best capabilities. Following these easy steps will help you get the most out of every cup of your morning brew. Not only that but you will also save yourself both time and money by avoiding any costly repairs.  No thanks to costly repairs. Now that you know, make sure to take care of your Ninja machine!

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