2914 Coffee – Denver CO

2914 Coffee

2914 Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe located in Denver, Colorado. One might hear the name of the business and think it very particular, and they would be correct. For a delicious brew at home, order one of our Sumatran bean selections!

The Name Came From a Strange Coincidence

The 2914 part of the name came about in a strange coincidence. It holds very personal meaning with its owners, Anthony and Melissa Davis, as they married in Mexico on February 9th, or 2/9, and the marriage was officially valid five days later, on Valentine’s Day, or 2/14.

The coincidence came in when the couple decided to open a coffee shop and happened up a building with the address 2914. When they discovered the way the address fit into their marriage dates, the name became an easy choice.

Custom Art Produced By the Owner Adorns the Walls

Besides the name, the store itself is fully formed with personal touches, and on a deeper level than most other coffee shops can boast. The first thing customers might notice is the many different art pieces adorning the walls.

The art adds pops of color to the otherwise white walls, but more importantly, the pieces are the products of Anthony Davis himself. He can often be found working at the rustic wooden counter, whipping up coffees, and more notably, exquisite latte art.

He’s Also Known As A Coffee Making Artist

2914’s latte art is a step above its competitors, which is understandable with a traditional artist being the owner. Viewing the eccentric art at the cafe could spur a person to want to commission their own art from Anthony, and at 2914, people are welcome to do so upon his availability.

Beyond the marriage relation, the other half of the shop’s name is Coffee, which at 2914 comes from Kaladi Brothers Coffee. The artistic lattes are the shop’s specialty, but the coffee is also made into mochas, americanos, cortados, cappuccinos, drip coffee, cafe au laits, macchiatos, and con panna.

They Serve Other Beverages and Desserts Too

Other beverages include tea, chai, hot chocolate, and Italian sodas, and while not necessarily a drink, the last coffee item is an affogato. This coffee and ice cream combo meets a menu of other dessert items such as cookies, scones, cakes, and more.

Enjoy Coffee, Eats & Live Music

On the less-sweet side of things, 2914 provides standard coffee shop food in the form of sandwiches. All of these various items can be enjoyed in the shop’s art gallery-type environment, and occasionally amidst celebrations and live music. The dimly lit space provides a mood fit for relaxing with the quality beverages and pastries 2914 Coffee serves.


2914 W 25th Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80211