3 Amazing Colombian Coffee Tours

delicious morning cup of colombian coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you are not alone. Coffee is consumed by millions of people every day. Coffee exports from countries like Columbia, and Costa Rica help fuel local economies, which improves their quality of life.

While you are enjoying your cup of Joe, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see what goes into producing your drink? Luckily, you can! Here, we are going to learn more about several of the best Colombian coffee tours around!

1. Medellin Day Trips

This tour company is located in the heart of Medellin, and is run entirely by locals. One of their most popular tours is a half-day tour of a coffee plantation.

You will start your day in the city of Medellin, where you will board a tour bus. The bus will take you 50 miles into the countryside. You will arrive in El Poblado, where you will get to see the daily operations of a working coffee plantation.

As a group, you will learn about the entire process, including planting, harvesting, roasting, and grinding. This is a very fun day trip that will help you better understand what goes into a cup of coffee.

You will also have a chance to purchase some beans to take home with you. The tour costs $54 per person, which is highly affordable.

2. Medellin City Services

Medellin City Services is another amazing tour company that offers a coffee plantation, and Jardín City day-tour. During the private full-day trip, you will explore the city of Medellin, taking in all of the famous sites, including the Plaza Botero.

After you get done in Medellin, you will be taken to the city of Jardin, where you will be able to learn about the area’s rich coffee history. You will travel through the countryside, and pass the Andes Mountains.

On your countryside journey, you will be able to explore the area’s coffee plantations, and meet with the men and women who care for them. The cost of the tour is $125.

3. Flavors Of Bogota

Last, but certainly not least, Flavors of Bogota is offering a guided walking tour. On the tour, you will be guided through a trendy neighborhood in the beautiful city of Bogota. You will stop by some of the area’s best coffee shops, and enjoy some delectable drinks.

In addition to coffee tastings, you will learn how coffee is processed from start to finish. This is a great way to not only learn about coffee, but the city itself.

Bogota is rich in history and culture, and coffee is at the heart of everything. The tour will cost you $35, and is well worth the money.

If you decide to go on the tour, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing and a good pair of shoes. You will be walking through the city, and the tour takes 3 hours to complete.


These are three of the best Colombian coffee tours offered today. If you love coffee, and want to learn more about how it is made, you should really check out one of these amazing tours. They are all highly affordable and super fun!