4 Interesting Facts About Columbian Coffee

relaxing with colombian coffee

Do you love a nice, hot cup of Colombian coffee in the morning? Maybe you love to enjoy a cup in the evenings? If so, you are not alone.

Millions of people, every day, drink coffee that is grown in this beautiful South American country. You might be a coffee lover, but there are some things that you probably don’t know about best Colombian coffee brands.

Right here, we are going to learn some interesting facts about this truly amazing coffee.

Farmers Are Members Of The Colombian Coffee Federation

If you grow coffee in Colombia, nine times out of ten, you are going to be a member of the Colombian Coffee Federation.

This federation controls the coffee growing industry, and sets guidelines and standards that every farmer has to follow. These strict rules help to make Colombian coffee some of the finest coffee in the world.

There Are More Than 500,000 Families That Grow Coffee

When it comes to community unity, you really won’t find another country that is so connected to growing coffee. Colombia is known for its amazing coffee beans, and everyone is, in some way, connected to the industry.

In fact, there are over 500,000 individual families that grow coffee in this bean-rich nation. The coffee industry in Colombia is huge, and it helps keep their economy going strong.

Even at the local level, coffee production plays a huge part in providing for families. The next time you drink a cup of Colombian coffee, keep those hard-working farmers in mind. Many of them devote their entire lives to producing some of the world’s finest coffee.

Colombia Is The World’s 3rd Largest Coffee Exporter

When you go into your local grocery store, you will almost always find a large selection of Colombian coffee. The reason that you will find so many different brands that originate in Colombia is because the country is the world’s 3rd largest producer of coffee.

The country exports over 13,000,000 bags of coffee beans each and every year. When you think about all the coffee that is consumed around the planet each day, that adds up to a lot of Joe!

The government of Colombia has worked hard over the decades to bring attention to their coffee, and all of their hard work has paid off.

Colombia Is In The Heart Of The Coffee Belt

Great coffee simply can’t be grown anywhere. The right climate for growing coffee involves the right amount of rainfall, rich volcanic soil, and high elevations.

Colombia is one of the world’s best-suited coffee growing regions. This is because it is in what is known as the coffee belt.

The coffee belt stretches across the Southern Hemisphere, and includes countries like Brazil, Indonesia and of course, Colombia.


These are just a few fun facts that you might not have known about Colombian coffee. This coffee truly is unique, and you can’t find it anywhere else in the world.

The next time you enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee with your friends, you might want to mention some of these interesting facts.