4 Interesting Facts About Sumatra Coffee

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Sumatran coffee is one of the most flavorful coffees in the whole world. This coffee has become very popular over the years, and is one of the most highly sought after.

But, what do you really know about this coffee bean? Today, we are going to learn some interesting facts about Sumatran coffee that just might surprise you!

#1. Sumatra Coffee Is The Most Popular Coffee At Starbucks!

We all know that Starbucks offers a wide selection of coffees that they source from around the world. Each of their blends is highly flavorful, and people pay a lot to enjoy their morning cup of Joe there.

Did you know that the most popular and profitable of all their coffees is Sumatran coffee? Starbucks has spent a lot of resources importing only the best Sumatran coffee, and that investment has paid off well for them. Many of their drinks are made with Sumatra coffee.

#2. Sumatra Beans Come From Indonesia

If you are a fan of Sumatran coffee, you may already know where it comes from. But for those who are new to this coffee, you might be surprised to find that it comes from islands in Indonesia.

More specifically, these beans are grown on the Sunda Islands that are located near Western Indonesia. This region of the country is mostly rural, and it has some of the best soil in the world for growing coffee plants/trees.

#3. Women Farmers Are The Majority

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In many regions of the world, coffee farming is done by men. However, that is simply not the case when it comes to Sumatran coffee.

In fact, female coffee farmers make up 80% of the labor force. Many of these women have been in the coffee business for generations, and have vast knowledge about the coffee they grow.

Women are truly the backbone of their communities, and provide incomes that help each household prosper. Without coffee farming, the local communities would struggle to survive.

#4. Sumatran Coffee Is Grown On Small Farms

In some areas of the world, coffee is grown on large plantations. These plantations can sometimes be thousands of acres, and are controlled by the more wealthy.

On the other hand, Sumatran coffee is grown by a network of small farmers who own around 100 acres each. Most farms have only 100 coffee trees, and they are controlled by working-class women.

Many of these farms have been handed down from one generation to the next, making it a family business. This model of farming keeps more money in the community, and gives farmers a tie to the land that they would not otherwise have.


These are just a few interesting facts about Sumatran coffee. As we have learned, this amazing world winning coffee is mostly grown by women.

The beans are highly sought after, and they are grown in only one small region of the planet. Sumatran coffee farms are often handed down from one generation to the next, and they are small in size.

The next time you see someone enjoying a cup of Sumatran coffee, you will have something interesting to share with them.