Don’t Miss These 5 Documentaries About Coffee

There are so many stories to tell about coffee, and watching documentaries is the best way to hear about them. This beverage has endless stories that can never be exhausted. For hot sand coffee, read about it here.

A documentary about coffee will not only entertain you, but will also give you rich information on your favorite hot drink. There are several documentaries available on this topic, and some great ones are listed here.

1. The Barista

The Barista hit screens with a bang in 2015. The plot is about five great baristas who show their expertise and techniques on how to brew coffee.

The film offers new ideas that will change your perspective on coffee. These baristas illustrate an elaborate process on how to roast coffee.

After watching this documentary, your coffee’s taste will definitely be better.

2. Connected By Coffee

Connected By Coffee is about Latin American coffee farmers, and the rich connection of their past and future. It covers a journey of more than a thousand miles between Mexico and Nicaragua.

It is an eye-opener to see that the people who ensure that we have coffee supplies do not even make much of a profit. It is sad to see that the big corporations who process the beans and sell them are the ones that produce high turnovers.

The trade process that takes place before the coffee gets to your table is laid bare for you to see.

3. Caffeinated

Caffeinated is another documentary that brings out all the details about your cup of coffee. After watching this film, you will look at your hot coffee differently, and appreciate it more.

Caffeinated is interesting, as you learn everything about the coffee-making process. This includes everything from the farmer, to traders, to the experts who brew your cup of coffee.

Everyone shares their thoughts, challenges, and everything that makes the coffee business thrilling.

4. A Film About Coffee

The professionals who enjoy reading and learning about coffee will find A Film About Coffee intriguing. This film helps you understand the real meaning of specialty coffee.

It takes you around the world to farms in Rwanda and Honduras, and to various coffee shops in Portland, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

The assumption is that the audience will understand the little things about coffee. It brings out the technical aspects of coffee processing, different tastes, and the evolution of coffee over the years.

The documentary connects different elements including coffee processes, preparations, preferences, traditions, and the latest ideas to create the best cup of coffee.

5. The Story Of Coffee

The Story of Coffee follows the rich story of this beverage, bringing to light the European coffee market, for both commercial and domestic uses.

This film targets a broader audience, because it is a learning experience in the art of making coffee. You will enjoy watching, whether you run a coffee shop, or just make your cup every morning.

Making coffee allows for a lot of creativity. Watch different documentaries to get new ideas on how to make consistently tasty drinks all the time.