Amethyst Coffee Company – Denver

Amethyst Coffee - Denver

Amethyst Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe in Denver, Colorado that prides itself on its all-inclusive nature. Owner Elle Jensen founded the business about ten years ago, and while the business has been constantly evolving and expanding, the ideals set forth by Jensen have remained a solid constant. For best Sumatran coffee, read our feature here.

Amethyst Welcomes All People!

In each of Amethyst’s three locations, you will both see and feel its welcoming nature from the customer service interactions and the literal signs touting the shop’s ideals. Welcoming every demographic, no matter one’s race, shape, size, gender, or any other difference, is at the heart of what Amethyst Coffee is about. 

This way of thinking and acting isn’t exclusive to how Amethyst treats people, though. Indeed, it actually follows them in how they treat the buildings their shops occupy too. Just as recently as June of 2019, Amethyst Coffee established a third location.

3 Different Locations & Styles

Each of the three spots they occupy is different, and Amethyst takes full advantage of this. Instead of forcing a signature look and brand into each place, Amethyst works with the environment, and that has led to each having its own unique personality.

The first Amethyst, located in the Lakeside area of Denver, is consumed with white walls and ceilings, and light woods throughout. This is a very modern look, but it is also a modern building, in contrast to the second Amethyst.

Located on Broadway St, the second shop is in a building from the 1920’s, and prior to being a coffee shop, held an art deco theater. The walls are strewn with both brick and stucco, and Amethyst kept the original look intact. Combined with a myriad of light, chalky colors, the second location has a much more artistic appearance.

Lastly, there is the third, which sits inside an event venue called Realm. Catering to the look of the building, this location is the most modern, with clean whites and sleek blacks.  The Amethyst shops differ in look, but also slightly in the products they offer. Each offers the same standard drinks such as espresso, mochas, lattes, chai, and matcha, but that is where it ends.

Each Location Uses Different Brewing Methods

The Realm spot is more limited than the others, simply selling those standard drinks. The other two differ in methods, with the Broadway location using batch brewing methods, and the Lakeside one offering pour overs.

Every location supplies coffee from the local roaster, Commonwealth Coffee, as well as a rotation of out-of-state roasters; and these are available to sample as coffee flights, if you want to try multiple roasts.

Serving Cocktails at the Original Location

Both Lakeside and Broadway sell a variety of pastries made in-house, and while only the original location offers cocktails, they both support a list of specialty beverages that change with the season.

Try a Hot Police Latte or the El Habanero

Mostly fun and light-hearted in nature, a couple of these include the “Hot Police,” which is a latte with bubblegum syrup and sprinkles, and the “El Habanero,” which is a mix of lactic acid, strawberry, spicy-sweet soda, and of course, habanero.  No matter who you are or what you like, Amethyst Coffee will welcome you and strive to satisfy your tastes.


4999 W 44th Avenue, 1111 N Broadway, and 3851 Steele St, Denver Colorado.