Anecdote Cafe – Denver CO

Anecdote Cafe

Anecdote Cafe wants to inspire the Golden Years of the 1920’s while keeping a modern flair in the Denver area.

The owner, Emily Hurd, wants to give her artistically inspired customers some space to work on their passions, and for the rest to watch and applaud with coffee (or wine) close by. One thing to keep in mind with Anecdote Cafe is that it’s not trying to be a full-service restaurant.

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They Serve Excellent Coffee, Impressive Cocktails and Delicious Desserts

Hurd only wants to serve excellent coffee, impressive cocktails, desserts, and sandwiches. For those interested, there is street parking nearby (parking is free after 6 PM, weekends) and it’s easy to get there by foot.

In the mornings, you’ll find baristas busy at the coffee bar, and a bakery with a pastry chef busy on scheduled projects. You can also stop by during the early evening for alcohol.

Look For the 800 Near the Door To Find This Cafe

If you’re looking for Anecdote Cafe, you may have a hard time finding them. Anecdote is on the first floor of the MOTO Apartments Building, and you’ll locate them by looking for the door with decals and an “800” address nearby (Their actual address is 820, but hey, we warned you).

Their Support For Local Artist and Businesses Is Apparent

Once inside, you’ll find a lot of space to do whatever you’d like, and a lot of creative decor on the wall –all of it local. On their website, they even feature an Artist Of The Month.

Anecdote seems to have an eye for businesses in the area and offer their space up for VIP events and other services to attract local companies. It might be worth it, as the interior is certainly a draw for visitors.

Their Bakery Is Definitely Something To Write Home About

One thing to note: While Anecdote Cafe does bakery goods, their staff may not be able to do ASAP orders from scratch. However, there are plenty of bread available that they’ve pre-baked fresh, like pies, cakes, and other varieties.

The Coffee Selection Is Plenty

For the caffeine addict, Anecdote Cafe features various coffee concoctions. Here is a small list of what they offer:

  • Espresso
  • Cortados
  • Mochas
  • Lattes
  • Frappes

The Offer Veg, V and Paleo Food Options

For food, they offer sandwiches of a wide variety, from turkey guacamole to traditional Italian. For liquor, they provide a fun array of cocktails, wines, beers, and ciders.

Don’t worry about dietary restrictions. They have a vegetarian, vegan, and paleo options that fluctuate on demand. They have their menu online if you’d like to find out before arriving.

A Place For Artists and Business People To Work From

Anecdote Cafe is a chic place with a lot going on. The main thing they’re trying to do is provide a place for artsy people in the morning and during evening hours. It seems that the owner, Emily Hurd, really wants this space to flourish in the business community too.

With that in mind, this is a great place to do work or bring a date. They have plenty of outlets and free wifi, which is a plus. I think if Anecdote Cafe keeps supporting its local artists and serving great coffee (among the rest of its offerings), it will go far.

If you want to visit, the cafe is closed on Mondays and is generally open through the mornings until 8 PM.


820 North Sherman St. Suite A, Denver, CO 80203