Arabica Vs Robusta – Acidity Ranges

When it comes to coffee beans, there are two main types. Arabica and Robusta have been the most common type of roasting beans in many parts of the world. Today, we are going to compare these two beans and see which one has the highest acidity level. If you want to learn more about Brazilian coffee beans, check out our in-depth dedicated guide.

unprocessed coffee beans


The most common and widely used coffee bean is made from the Arabica coffee plant. This bean has a low acidity level and much smoother taste.

Having a smooth flavor is probably why so many people love this coffee. This bean is grown at higher altitudes, but is more difficult to grow. The variety is very labor intensive, and each plant only produces a small number of beans.

Arabica beans are used in higher-end coffee shops and cafes. In fact, some of the most popular coffee shops around the world only use Arabica coffee. This is a trend that seems to be growing bigger each passing year.


Robusta coffee beans are much higher in acid, and have a much harsher flavor that many people do not enjoy. This variety of coffee is much easier to grow, and is not as labor intensive to harvest.

While it is a much cheaper bean, some people do prefer it over Arabica coffee. It is most commonly used in mass-market commercial coffee roasts because of its price. Most of Brazil’s Robusta coffee beans are grown in Espirito Santo

Some fast-food restaurant chains, for example, serve their customers Robusta coffee to keep the price for goods down.


As you can see, both of these coffee beans have something different to offer. Their level of acidity will often determine their flavor.

Depending on your own personal preference, you can determine which one is the best bean. Remember that you might have a pay a little extra for Arabica coffee, because of how expensive it is to produce.