Are Moka Pots Safe To Use?

bialetti moka coffee pot

For some, coffee is a way of life. What might start as a necessary cup of coffee in the morning, can turn into one of the most enjoyable parts of your day.

You will find that your tastes evolve to the point where you want to enhance your appreciation and enjoyment from every cup. One popular way to do this is by using a Moka Pot.

As one of the most traditional and well-loved coffee brewing methods, the Moka Pot can be found in most traditional Italian cafes across Europe.

They are also making their way into home kitchens around the world, thanks to the delicious taste and high caffeine level in the coffee that is produced. However, are Moka Pots safe?

How Does A Moka Pot Work?

Referred to as stovetop or electric coffee makers, Moka Pots work by using the power of steam to extract the flavors and compounds from ground coffee.

Rather than soak the coffee grounds in water to impart the flavors, the water sits in a boiler chamber, above which the ground beans are held on a filter.

When the pot is heated on a stove, or on a counter (in the case of an electric Moka Pot), the pressure gradient produced by the steam pushes the water up and through the beans. The water then ends up in the collection chamber, giving you a perfect cup every time.

Safety Of Moka Pots

If you’re not used to the unique procedure of making coffee with a Moka Pot, then you’d be forgiven for being nervous. While these devices are becoming all the rage, there’s many cheaper models on the market that might raise a few questions in your mind.

Cheaper, aluminum-based Moka Pots come with the risk of exposure to metals and impurities, which can affect your health. The key to enjoying a risk-free cup of coffee is in the effort you spend in buying a quality model.

Moka Pots are actually far more safe to use than plastic kettles. As long as you keep it clean, without using harsh cleaning chemicals, your Moka Pot will serve you for a long time.

Can A Moka Pot Explode?

The internet can be a crazy place, and if you look hard enough, you’ll see videos of people using Moka Pots with disastrous effects.

The simple truth is that improper usage can cause unexpected results, especially considering that you’re working with something that relies on a rapid increase in pressure.

However, this is a very rare occurrence, as modern Moka Pots feature a safety valve that will release excess steam if the pressure build up gets too high.

Keeping your safety valve in good working order is essential, and you can do this by keeping it unclogged, and free from old coffee grounds.


A Moka Pot is one of the most rich and delicious ways to enjoy coffee, using steam to extract the flavors from your coffee grounds.

Delivering a bigger hit of caffeine per cup, which is similar in level to what you’d experience from an espresso, this age-old method of coffee brewing is making its way into kitchens around the world.

While safety may be on your mind when using a Moka Pot, these intuitive devices are actually far safer than other coffee brewing methods.

This is from years of tradition that has gone into their development. If you have ever wondered how a Moka Pot can elevate your coffee experience, there’s no time like the present to find out!