Best Apps For Coffee Lovers

peppermint coffee with chocolate

Do you have an undying love for coffee? There are many apps for people such as yourself. From guides to help make the perfect cup of any blend and style, to even apps that help pinpoint the best coffee joints in your area.

Sit back and grab a cup as we let you in on the three best coffee lover apps.

#1. The Great Coffee App

Rated at 4.5 stars in the app store, The Great Coffee App walks you through many blends of coffee at your fingertip. It offers a helpful guide for brewing, and even measurements to ensure you only get the perfect cup.

With videos of every step in the process, you will never go wrong making your coffee shop favorites at home. There are also short reviews for each style that you may read into, to see if it’s the right taste for you.

Also, with stunning cross-section images of every drink, you are able to truly see what goes into each cup. From beginners to experts, this app brings the coffee enthusiasts ahead in brewing their own drinks in the comfort of their homes.

#2. Cupper

Tired of the same old manufactured coffee shops, and want to try something local and unique? Cupper helps you discover all the local craft coffee shops in your area with ease, and with proper reviews.

Their mission is to have coffee drinkers connect with these amazing quality shops all over, for an amazing experience. There is also a part of the app that lets you buy specialty roasted coffee, shipped directly to you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Though they do currently only have listings in major cities, there are options to be their liason for your city, to go around and list the quality cafes. A job drinking coffee is definitely a dream come true.

#3. Secret Menu From Starbucks

This app is for the many Starbucks coffee lovers that always like trying new drinks. It features the entire secret menu from the chain coffee-house, and how to order them.

There are hundreds of options of new drinks you can try, without having to remember a complicated name that may not even be true. There are such options as Snickerdoodle Frappuccino and Peach Cobbler!

#4. Art Of Coffee

Have you ever wondered how your barista made that perfect cream design in your latte? Well, with this app, you are able to make your own with simple tutorials.

It not only has the free pour you often see, but also etching techniques to make your coffee picture perfect. Art of Coffee will have you making complex designs on every home brew you do, in no time.


These are only a few of the many coffee apps that are available, and there are only more to come in the future. Coffee lovers everywhere can rejoice, as these apps bring new experiences to your taste buds.

While apps like Cupper still need time to get every city on their maps, they are still worth checking out.