Best Grinders For Making Turkish Coffee

turkish coffee

Turkish coffee brewing is one of the oldest and best methods of brewing strong, black coffee. It uses one of two methods, of which are infusion and boiling.

One can choose what method to use, depending on how they like their coffee. The infusion methods tend to give a stronger taste and smell, when used with a fine turkish grind.

Some of the best Turkish coffee grinders currently on the market are included below. For information on Turkish coffee brands, check out our guide!

#1. Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder

Although it is made in Germany, this grinder will give you the finest grind, which is what is needed for Turkish coffee. It comes with an adjustable feature that allows you to get different sizes of ground coffee beans, ranging from coarse to super fine.

It is very durable, and can last for years in great shape, even when used daily. The grinder has multiple functionality; it can be used for other purposes, such as grinding spices.

It may become necessary for you to “recalibrate” the grind after a long period of use, but this only happens occasionally. For a Turkish grinder that will serve you for long and give you high quality results, this is your pick.

#2. Kona Coffee Grinder

This grinder is made of high quality material that makes it durable, regardless of how frequently it’s used. The ability to contain its contents properly is another great feature of this grinder.

Extra fine coffee has been known to spill over and create a mess. This machine is easy to clean, which takes away such a worry. The grinder also has anti-static features that ensure you don’t get shocked every time you use it.

In addition, it comes with a handle that ensures secure holding and easy operation, together with easily adjustable levels of grinding.

#3. Silva Manual Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder is mostly suitable for traveling, due to its small size. It cannot rust or corrode, and it brings out the finest of grinds.

With this grinder, you don’t have to worry about some lumps of coffee remaining untouched, or even the machine being clogged.

The grinder is easy to adjust, which allows you to make any type of coffee you want, and it doesn’t need changing of blades to give the desired results. The machine comes with a scoop that makes the work easier for you.

#4. Turkish Coffee World Grinder

This grinder was made in Turkey for the specific purpose of grinding Turkish coffee. Although it is more expensive than the others, it gives high quality service and is an excellent product.

It is easy to operate, and comes with some great features, like a drawer at the bottom that collects your coffee. This makes it easier to collect the coffee, since you only need to pull the drawer out to empty its contents.

The design is also detailed, showing great craftsmanship skills, making it a great piece to add to any home. With its steel burrs, you can grind large quantities of coffee at a go.


It is not enough to grind extra fine coffee to enjoy your Turkish coffee. You also need to know the best option when it comes to brewing. Infusion tends to work better than boiling, which doesn’t bring out a strong taste and smell.

When buying a grinder, consider factors like the amount of coffee to be ground, how easy the grinder can be used, and the cost of the grinder, among other features.