Black Eye Coffee – Denver CO

Black eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee is a coffee shop and bar located in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2012 by Gregory Ferrari, Dustin Audet, and Ali Elman. However, a business-like Black Eye Coffee couldn’t provide everything as fully realized as it does without further help, and as such, Alex Figura shaped the food menu, and the bar menu was curated by Sam Azarow.

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Coffee Shop by Day and Bar by Night

The fact that Black Eye Coffee has a bar menu is a telling sign of its unique traits. Situated in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver, the shop represents both the area’s and the building’s history.

The name is a nod the to the Prohibition of the 1930’s, when many illegal activities took place, like back-alley boxing, which Black Eye used as inspiration for their name and boxing-man logo.

There’s a Unique Prohibition Feel to this Hybrid Cafe

Further representation of the Prohibition, and even before, is the alcohol Black Eye sells. The cafe first and foremost focuses on coffee, but after 5:00 p.m., the shelves literally rotate, and transform the space into a bar. An assortment of five beers and five wines are on-hand, as well cocktails.

How this represents history before the Prohibition is that the building was originally a site that sold Coors beer amidst live theater performances. Those days are long gone, but the decor of the building says otherwise.

Displays of Historical Newspaper Clippings Decorate this Shop/Bar

One wall features the building’s original brick and is covered in framed pictures and newspaper clippings from the represented era. The rest of the interior is a hybrid coffee shop/bar.

The long communal tables could be found in a bar, but the white-tiled walls behind the white surfaced and wooden counter, as well as the concrete floors, fit in with modern coffee shops.

The Drinks Range from Traditional to Hybrid Alcohol Creations

Another hybrid is found in Black Eye’s most unique beverage: an Irish coffee, which combines whiskey and coffee, the shop’s two central offerings. The rest of the coffee is made-up of beans from Huckleberry Roasters and rotating guests, and fashioned into cortados, espresso, mochas, lattes, drip coffee, cold brew, and Black Eye’s specialized method, pour-overs.

Serving House-made Food & Syrups

House-made syrups add flavor to any drink, but the house-made food completes the business. Coming in many forms, such as toasts, sandwiches, granola bowls, wraps, and salads, many items include soft-poached eggs, but the options are fit for all times of day.

Black Eye Coffee Has it all!

If seeking something on the sweeter, lighter side, Black Eye sources pastries such as rolls, cookies, macaroons and more, from local bakeries. Whether you desire beer, wine, a cocktails, food, or quality crafted coffee, Black Eye Coffee serves it all.


3408 Navajo St, Denver, Colorado, 80211