Bodum Brazil French Press – Best Tool For Fresh Pressed Coffee?

Gourmet coffee is something that is achievable at home by most consumers. It is a matter of having the right tools, techniques, and know-how.

Brewing an impressive cup of coffee is easier than it sounds. Today, we will be discussing HOW you can use the Bodum French press to make the process super easy for yourself.

For more coffee reviews, Jiale Coffee is your best source! But for now, let’s delve into this Bodum Brasil review below:

The Basic Idea Behind The Bodum Brazil French Press

bodum french press

The Bodum Brazil French Press is a practical tool for making fresh pressed coffee in the home. The coffee carafe is made of borosilicate glass, stainless-steel, and BPA-free plastic, making it sturdy and easily cleanable. A stainless-steel plunger with a mesh filter is included.

While some French Press models rely on paper filters, this design renders the coffee bean’s purest oils and flavors by removing the paper filter.

An eco-friendly, waste-conscious brewing option, the Bodum French Press eliminates the need for paper filters, plastic cups, and pre-ground containers.

Most models make 8 cups of coffee per batch. To use, this system requires course ground coffee, hot water, and as little as 4 minutes of your time.

For an uncomplicated, minimalist brewing experience, the Bodum Brazil French Press is a great choice. It is known as Bodum’s more fun, affordable, contemporary partner to the elegant Chambord French Press.

Why Should You Bother Using the Bodum Brazil Press?!

French press brewing components are known for extracting the best flavor out of coffee beans. For those who invest in quality coffee beans, French Presses are an ideal brewing method.

They capture the body, aroma, and flavor profile of the bean to make the final brew as delectable and distinct as it can be.

Coffee lovers who want an eco-friendly, fast, easy option for a cup of coffee, without sacrificing on flavor, will appreciate a French Press. Paolini Ugo invented the French brew system, and Italian designers Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta patented it in 1929.

What Makes The Bodum Brazil Different?

Bodum is a family-owned company that has been making brewing products since it was founded by Peter Bodum in 1944, in Denmark. Bodum was put on the map of the brewing world with the invention of its French press coffee makers, which launched in 1974.

It is widely known as the most environmentally conscious coffee maker available. With characteristic Scandinavian designs, the Bodum has successfully expanded to over 55 countries, and sold over 100 million French coffee presses.

Although the brand is now based in Switzerland, it maintains its core principle that kitchen designs should be functional and affordable.

What Grinds Should Be Used?

All French Presses work best with course, evenly ground coffee beans. Most pre-ground coffee is intended for the standard drip coffee pot. Therefore, self-ground coffee beans, or custom ground coffee beans are ideal.

The steeping process of immersion brewing, which is how French Presses brew, requires course ground beans because they have more surface area with which to work.

During the brewing process, when the beans come into contact with water, they release carbon dioxide. That is what builds flavor.

It is also important to use freshly ground beans. This is vital, because grinding beans too far in advance leads to the bean’s oils breaking down, which impairs the flavor profile of the coffee.

In general, avoid grinding coffee beans more than 7 days prior to brewing the coffee. To recap, in order to avoid brewing a bitter and stale cup of coffee, fresh, coarse, evenly ground coffee beans are a necessity.

What Types Of Coffee Beans Should Be Used?

The Bodum Brazil French Press can accommodate any type of coffee bean. However, its specialties are medium-roast and dark-roast beans. The beauty of this French Press is its ability to extract flavor from beans.

Beans with the most oils will benefit most from this process. Because medium-roast and dark-roast beans have the most oils, the brews will be excellent.

Medium roasts are often reserved for naturally sweet beans with body, and delicate complexity. Typical notes include the following: fruits, chocolates, nuts, and caramels. They have lower levels of acidity, relative to lighter roasts.

Think of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Indonesia. Brazil produces the most coffee of any country in the world, so their beans (usually Arabica or Robusta) are easily accessible.

Grown on mountainsides, the higher elevations create better beans, which are known for smooth, sweet flavors. The highest quality of beans from Brazil have bright, fruity notes such as citrus. The Bodum Brazil French Press is able to distill these nuanced flavors, with little time and effort involved.

Dark roasts are notoriously used to mask coffees of lower quality; however, done well, these beans carry a distinct smoky, carbonic, and tarry flavor. Dominant notes include the following; dark chocolate, liquorish, black pepper, clove, smoke, and ash.

For a coffee with a strong kick and low levels of acidity, dark roasts are great. Beans sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra and stand up to the intense roasting process.

The Bodum Brazil French Press also handles coffee beans with rare, unusual, specialty flavors expertly. The gentle, undiluted brewing process lets beans shine through in the final brew.

For those who invest in gourmet or luxury coffee beans and bean blends, this is a great brewing system to try. Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Tanzania Peaberry, Sumatra Mandheling, Sulawesi Toraja, and Ethiopian Harrar coffees are some of the world’s finest options.

It would be a crime to filter out the true flavors of these beans by using less effective brewing processes and equipment.

The Bottom Line

The Bodum Brazil French Press is a classic, fun, functional, affordable product that contains all of the advantages of French Press brewing methods. Perfect for novices and aficionados alike, this system delivers a cup of coffee that actually tastes like coffee, in all of its distinct, delightful glory.