5 Best, Most Delicious Brazilian Coffee Brands To Savor Today!

5 Best, Most Delicious Brazilian Coffee Brands To Savor Today!

Brazil produces more coffee than any other country on Earth. This list includes some traditional and popular, best coffee brands that either sell their coffee in Brazil, the United States, or both. Most of these best Brazilian coffee brands are consumed regularly in Brazil, and the others are more expensive coffees for coffee lovers to try.

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Five Best Brazilian coffee brands for you to try:

#1. Café Pilão

A very flavorful Brazilian coffee brand, Café Pilão is a nutty, smooth-tasting and traditional Brazilian coffee. Pilão coffee dates as far back as 1753, with the beans being harvested from the most fertile coffee planting regions in Brazil.

It is marketed as “forte”, the Brazilian word for ‘strong’, so if you are new to Brazilian coffee, one of the tamer coffees on the list could perhaps be a starting point.

Furthermore, it is the closest to an “authentic” tasting coffee that Brazilians would consume at home, so if you’re looking to try something that represents true Brazilian coffee, then this is it.

Café Pilão is arguably the most well-known coffee brand in Brazil, and the company has also had widespread success throughout the rest of the world since the 1970s.

#2. Brazil Santos

Brazil Santos, so-named because it is shipped from the Santos port in Brazil, has chocolate and nut flavored varieties available. It smells very sweet, with hints of cocoa. This is a premium Brazilian coffee brand, which is well-known throughout the country for being one of the highest quality on offer. The quality is accentuated if it is freshly roasted.

Freshly roasted Brazil Santos is widely regarded to be one of the best coffee drinking experiences of all coffees. The light flavor makes it an excellent starting choice for someone who is just beginning to get into drinking coffee, or Brazilian coffee.

And also, like several other coffees on this list, Brazil Santos is a coffee tradition that has lasted over a century.

#3. Brown Gold 100% Brazilian

Brown Gold’s ethos is to bring the pure taste of South American coffees, including Brazil, Colombia and Peru, to western markets, without combining them with other flavors.

If you’re interested in Brazilian coffee in its “pure” form, without having other elements of western coffee added to them, then Brown Gold 100% Brazilian will be perfect.

A very dark roasted coffee, its flavor could be defined as “bittersweet”, and it is very robust and complex. Brown Gold coffee comes with additional benefits, if you’re interested in humanitarian efforts. They are investing a certain percentage of their profits toward providing better access to water for over 250,000 Ethiopian residents.

Ultimately, if you like rather dark, traditional Brazilian coffee, then Brown Gold’s 100%  is one of the best Brazilian coffee brands that should be right up your alley.

#4. Illy Whole Bean Brazilian

enjoy brazilian mug of joe!

Probably the most acidic coffee of those mentioned in this article, Illy Whole Bean Brazilian has a very intense flavor, with a caramel aftertaste. Intended for coffee connoisseurs, according to manufacturer Illy, their goal is to create poetry in coffee bean form. The coffee beans are grown at a high-altitude, and are sustainably sourced from southeastern Brazil.

It is also noted to have a very full and intense aroma, which is a much-loved staple of Brazilian coffee. This Brazilian coffee brand is sold directly in the form of beans, rather than being pre-ground before shipping.

#5. Café Melitta

Café Melitta is a finely ground, roasted Brazilian coffee, and is regarded as something of a jack-of-all-trades coffee. It offers medium acidity, with a slight fruity taste, medium bitterness, medium sweetness, and a fairly mild aroma, combined with some boldness.

This one might not necessarily be for the coffee aficionado, as it is a fairly commercial, pre-grounded coffee, which is intended for the mass market in Brazil. However, that should not stop you from giving this blend, which is one of the two best-selling coffee brands in Brazil, a try.

Melitta also offers a comprehensive range of other South American coffee products, if you’re thinking of trying another type of South American coffee.

They also offer many authentically made Brazilian coffee products, such as paper filters, and coffee that is ready-made.

Final Thoughts on Most Delicious & Best Brazilian Coffee Brands

So, there are clearly a wide range of different Brazilian coffee brands out there for you to try! Whether you’re interested in a milder variety that best represents what would be on supermarket shelves in Brazil, or you’re a coffee connoisseur who is looking for a more obscure coffee, there is something for everyone!

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