What In Heck Is Brazilian Coffee Candy?

brazilian coffee candy

Brazilian coffee candy is a hard candy that is made from real coffee. It is a great way to experience the taste and caffeine of coffee in a new way.

This candy is easy to find online, and is a perfect snack to keep in your bag for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. Here’s everything you need to know about Brazilian coffee candy.

How Much Caffeine Is In Brazilian Coffee Candy?

There IS caffeine in Brazilian coffee candy, unlike many other coffee-flavored treats. The amount of caffeine in each piece is dependent on the brand of candy you purchase, as each product is slightly different.

Be sure to check the nutrition facts on the box to find out exactly how much caffeine they use. One brand lists about four pieces as being equivalent to drinking a cup of coffee, in terms of caffeine. However, the consistency of many brands is actually less than decaf.

Does Brazilian Candy Contain Real Coffee?

This coffee candy does contain real coffee. It is made with real Brazilian coffee beans, and although there are additives to enhance the taste, the base of the product is real coffee.

This gives the candy a rich flavor that is hard to find in other coffee-flavored products.

How Is Brazilian Coffee Candy Made?

Brazilian coffee candy has the consistency of hard candy. Coffee, sugar, and other additives are ground and melted down to create the base for the hard candy, and are then set and processed to create the final product.

Although this product is made in Brazil, it is shipped all over the world.


Brazilian coffee candy is an authentic Brazilian treat that provides a boost that is similar to drinking a mild coffee. It has a delicious flavor that satisfies your coffee craving in a new way. If you enjoy drinking coffee, it’s time to give these fun treats a try.