Brew Culture Coffee – Denver CO

Brew Culture Coffee

Have you ever tried Kombucha? For some it’s love at first sip and for others it’s an acquired taste. Kombucha is known for its amazing impact on your gut health and flavorful options. The next time you’re in Denver, stop by Brew Culture Coffee to try locally made kombucha and delicious coffee.

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A Coffee Shop That Serves Kombucha

They are known for their kombucha and their unique coffee and tea options. Did you know they have a turmeric latte? Reduce inflammation in your body with this aromatic tea inspired by Ayurvedic medicine. The name Brew Culture is a nod to both the art of creating coffee and the cultures contained in the kombucha.

Modern and Trendy Coffee Shop

The atmosphere at Brew Culture Coffee is warm and inviting. The warm tan paint on the walls, the hanging lights, and the wood tone tables create a cozy environment that people love to stay and hang out in. They have multiple seating areas, modern couches, exposed white brick, and even a spot to enjoy your favorite beverages outdoors.

Students and artists love to sit and do their work in a modern and trendy local coffee shop. They are also one of the few coffee places to serve only locally brewed kombucha. If you’ve experienced nitro cold brews, you’ll love the one they have on tap at Brew Culture Coffee.

The Owners Have a Deep Love For Coffee

The owners, Troy and Jen, worked with dogs at their other business, the Daily Wag. It’s a boarding facility and his general manager handles most of the daily operations now. He transitioned from working with dogs to working with coffee. He always had a deep love for coffee, and creating Brew Culture Coffee has helped him realize his dream. And although Troy understood some of the behind-the-scenes of business, he didn’t know everything about creating the perfect cup of joe. He learned how to be a barista from Sweet Bloom and even had an architect design the interior of Brew Culture Coffee.

They Created A Space To Connect People

He also wanted the space to be close to a Starbucks, because he believes the right atmosphere can win over many of their customers. It’s a space for hosting meetings, but also for connecting with people, and the interior was designed to accommodate both. They’ve been around for a little over a year serving the people near W. Colfax, and anyone else who comes their way. They love to have a space to connect with entrepreneurs, students, and world-changers. They frequently host meetings with women entrepreneurs as well.

If you love good kombucha, coffee and locally made food and products, stop in Brew Culture Coffee to try something new. There is always a delicious beverage on tap. Pair it with a locally-made quiche, a pastry, or a croissant for the perfect breakfast or midday snack.

You can stay to get work done with the high-speed WiFi for customers, meet with friends and colleagues, or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee. At Brew Culture Coffee they are always trying new things. You never know what could be added to the menu.


Brew Culture Coffee -3620 W. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204