Brown Palace Coffee & Tea – Denver

Brown Palace Coffee & Tea Co

Brown Palace Coffee & Tea Co. provides a luxury experience sure to please all who visit them. Attached to the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, the cozy shop is a perfect accompaniment to a hotel stay and well worth a visit in its own right. Read our Best Colombian Coffee Brands Guide – Beans & Pricing Guide here.

Hosting Afternoon Tea Since 1910

Afternoon tea has been a staple of the hotel for over a century. Started in 1910 to offer ladies a chance to have a proper cup of tea, Brown Palace still maintains the tradition of afternoon tea into the twenty-first century.

Brown Palace Coffee & Tea offers the finest products in the business. An order of afternoon tea comes with scones, finger sandwiches, preserves and Devonshire cream shipped from England to provide an authentic afternoon tea experience.

Have a Glass of Wine If You’re Not Interested in Tea

For those wanting a stronger drink, afternoon tea can be served with wine, of which several varieties are offered for the occasion. One assortment option offers a dessert truffle to create an even more complete experience. Cocktails are served in the afternoon and evening as well.

Cocktails are served in the afternoon and evening as well, for those who prefer to take their tea in private. Those who choose to do so can purchase the loose tea served in the Palace to take with them and enjoy after they have left.

Their Tea Selection Range From Standard to Seasonal Flavors

Brown Palace Coffee & Tea offers a wide selection of teas, from standards such as Earl Grey to more modern herbal tea blends. Seasonal offerings such as the pumpkin brûlée are available for a unique, seasonal flavor.

They Offer Unique and Flavorful Appetizers

Appetizers are available as well for the visitor who desires them. A cheese board and hummus platter are available, as is a calamari fritto misto and several other options.

Each choice has a distinctive flair to set it apart from such snacks purchased anywhere else. The baguette, for example, is made with heirloom tomatoes for a unique flavor and color.

There is a Menu For Those Who Yearn For A Strong Drink

As mentioned previously, cocktails and wine are available for those who desire a stronger beverage. The wine list is lengthy and very inclusive to ensure the most finicky of wine lovers will find something the like. The beer list is not nearly as long but also offers variety for those so inclined.

Signature cocktails such as the Mad Tea Party bring the afternoon tea to the evening hours, contributing to the ambience without breaking out the tea set.

Get the Full Afternoon Tea Experience at Brown Palace

Brown Palace Coffee & Tea Co. is dedicated to providing a full and complete afternoon tea experience. The cozy establishment offers a wide selection of teas, wines, and additions to make the entire experience one to remember.

Whether enjoyed as part of a stay at the hotel itself or visited on its own, afternoon tea at the Brown Palace has been a trademark of the hotel for over a century.

Enjoy with confidence a complete tea experience or come in the evening for a glass of wine, signature cocktail, or even just a beer. Any visitor is sure to find something they will enjoy, whether or not they arrive for the tea. Space is limited so remember to make a reservation if you intend to pay them a visit and experience the delights of afternoon tea firsthand.


Located at 321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202