Featured Coffee Of The Day – Cafe Bom Dia Coffee

Café Bom Dia, owned and operated by the Marques de Paiva family, has been producing coffee products for many decades. Based in Brazil, which is the heart of the South American coffee growing countries, this Brazilian brand has worked hard to source the best beans possible. The result is a flavorful brew that will help you start your day with a smile on your face. Below, you can read some more information about this company that Jiale Coffee has researched for your reading pleasure:

They Care About The Environment

Café Bom Dia is not only good at making coffee, but they also care about maintaining and protecting the environment. This company cultivates their beans on Rainforest Alliance farms, which means they are helping the planet, while also producing excellent coffee.

These farms grow organic coffee beans that are also shade grown. This helps to prevent deforestation, and helps keep the rainforest in a natural state. They mostly work with organic and fair trade farmers, but also source beans from other, more conventional farmers from countries like Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

They Work Directly With Growers

The network of growers that Café Bom Dia works with is all part of a larger network of Fair Trade producers. This means that the farmers who plant the coffee plants get a fair price for their beans. When a farmer gets a good price for their coffee, it means that the entire region benefits. This helps boost the local economy and encourages others to plant coffee on their own land.

Buy Online

You don’t have to go to Brazil to sample the fine coffee that Café Bom Dia produces. In fact, you can find it in most specialty shops, and even in some grocery store chains. In addition to buying it in a store, you can also purchase it online directly from their website.