Café SuSu – Boston

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If you’re in the market for a hot coffee, a cooling glass of wine, or to get your suit tailored look no further! This unique, underground basement cafe is located inside the Suitsupply shop in downtown Boston.

They are serving up a huge variety of delicious goodies while you wait to get your clothes tailored! It’s a one stop shop that many locals frequent for their morning coffee or their after work cocktail.

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There’s something for everyone

There are many specialties from espresso-based drinks or, if you are in the mood for something a little more soothing, they also have a fine range of aromatic teas. Perhaps if you’re looking to get the party started on a hot summer afternoon, you might just fall in love with one of their cooling cocktails.

Crafting food on a global level

If you’re hankering for a light, but filling lunch, the menu boasts a wide selection of unique sandwiches designed to fulfill everyone’s cultural tastebuds. The “Paris Sandwich” is a perfect evocation of French cuisine, chocked full of smoked ham and gruyere on a fresh, crisp baguette.

Other popular options include the Stockholm Sandwich, the Milan Sandwich and of course the good old Boston Sandwich.

The food is practically a work of art! 

Since 2018 Café SuSu has accumulated a dedicated customer base and has been a favorite amongst the hip, cosmopolitan crowd. Boasting a cool ambiance SuSu is a great venue to meet people whether it’s for business or pleasure.

It’s intimate without being cramped

Though it might be a little unassuming from the outside, you’ll be blown away by what’s inside once you walk through those doors. To call it insta-ready would be an understatement.  The SuSu staff members are attentive and friendly. You’ll be able to tell the venue is beneath a suit store because these are some of the

Best dressed baristas in Boston

No matter how busy the place gets, this dedicated team will go above and beyond to make you feel at home. This is an establishment that manages to balance its chic and stylish looks with quality service and a welcoming attitude. It’s a great setting to meet friends, to get inspired, or to simply take a well-earned breather while you are shopping in the vicinity. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite, or for somewhere to wile away a lazy afternoon, you might just have found your new home away from home. There are so many unique offerings on the menu that you’ll want to keep going back again and again. But don’t take my word for it- see for yourself at

Cafe Susu

240A Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116