Clear Coffee Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Coffee as a beverage is loved by a majority in different countries worldwide. A sizeable portion of this population starts their day with coffee, while some will need a refill – in a popular way it keeps them awake.

However, since clear coffee entered the market, it has come to be loved by heavy coffee drinkers. ‘CLR CFF’, as it is popularly known, is a clear water-like bottled coffee, with a unique taste and aroma. If you’re looking for quality Ethiopian coffee pots or an effective and large coffee thermos, check out our suggestions at those links!

Clear Coffee AKA CLR CFF

It’s a pioneer in its class of coffee, with no calories, and was created by two London-based Slovakian brothers, Adam, and David Nagy.

Being heavy drinkers of coffee themselves, and with hectic lifestyles, they needed some kind of drink that would provide a much-needed energy boost, while preventing their teeth from getting stained.

How to make Clear Coffee

The process to make this specific blend was discovered back in 2012. Apparently, they only needed three months of intense market research, and an additional 12 months to realize what part was missing in the puzzle. The missing part was high quality, freshly roasted coffee beans.

Since then, their recipe used to make this blend has never been known to any other sources. That being said, and this will bring much excitement to you; this beverage comes ready to drink, and has a rich aroma, unique taste, and is as refreshing as a double espresso.

The serving size of the wondrous clear coffee, ‘CLR CFF’ is 200ml/bottle, has 40mg/100mls of caffeine, and is low in calories, at 4 per bottle. And for transparency reasons, it has zero preservatives, stabilizers, added aromas, sugar, or sweeteners.

Customer Reviews on Clear Coffee

Clear coffee, like any new product, has had its share of critics, both positive and negative. One reporter once described it, saying “Imagine making coffee, and then forgetting to wash it out. The next day, you add water to get the very last dreg of flavor out of the wet beans, and that’s what this tastes like”.

Another consumer said, “The flavor notes were all there: citrus, floral, and just a hint of nutmeg. I almost cried”.

It is currently available in various EU countries. It’s stocked by London’s Selfridges and Whole Foods stores, retailing at €5.99($7.50) for two packs. For international, non-EU residents, you can order it online.

Getting through your hectic schedule, while still staying social, can sometimes be hard, but a bottle of clear coffee will make it easier for you.

It’s large in size, so it will last you all day long, while keeping you refreshed and keeping your teeth white.