Which Coffee Is Best For Your Lifestyle?

Coffee is a ubiquitous beverage, consumed daily by millions of people worldwide. Despite its great flavor, coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, thus speeding up messages traveling from your brain to the body.

Caffeine is known to confuse the internal body clock, manipulating the signals which tell you to sleep. It also has other known health effects, such as lowering the risk of a heart attack, as well as being good for your liver.

There are different types of coffee to choose from. You can use what you do daily to determine which cup of coffee suits you. Here are some of them: (PS if you’re looking for a list of Ethiopian coffee pots, we’ve got the best ones here).


This is the most popular type of coffee, and it originates from Italy. It has three layers, the first one being a shot of espresso, followed by a shot of steamed milk. A layer of foamy milk comes third. This layer can be topped with powder or shavings.

Cappuccino is known to stimulate mental alertness. This means it can be suitable for students and people doing work that requires a high level of concentration. Drinking a cup in the morning will put your mind in the right place for the better part of the day.


This type of coffee is prepared by shooting nearly-boiled water, under high pressure, through coffee beans that have been finely ground up. It has an Italian origin too. It is relatively thicker, compared to other types of coffee. It also contains suspended solids with crema on top.

Apart from the general benefits of coffee, people working in industries that produce smoke and other air pollutants, or those exposed to UV rays can significantly benefit from espresso. It has hydrocinnamic acids that aid in neutralizing the radicals that we are exposed to, day in and day out.

Drinking espresso can also prove to be your favorite companion if you engage in sporting events, by boosting your adrenals. This will give you extra strength to improve your performance.

Irish Coffee

This is a cocktail that contains hot coffee, with sugar and Irish whiskey mixed in. It is then topped with a mustache-creating layer of cream. The cream is whipped to ensure that it floats, instead of sinking into the coffee. Over the years, this type of coffee has gone through tremendous variations.

Some people may consider Irish coffee as unsafe for human consumption. Contrary to this, it has benefits for your body. For people who had a tough day, be it at work or elsewhere, a cup of this amazing beverage will have your mind and body relaxing in no time.

Irish coffee increases the blood flow for good circulation, which will keep your heart in good shape. However, it is not advisable to drink it daily, but taken regularly, it will serve as a perfect relaxer at the end of the day.

Café Americano

This type of coffee is prepared by adding hot water to espresso. The coffee retains its strength, but tastes different. Its variation from original coffee will rely on the ratio of espresso shots to hot water added. To prevent dilution, a maximum ratio of 1:1 is used.

Considering its richness in antioxidants such as uric acid, a cup of Americano will come in handy for people with pain and/or depression. It is not only known to raise moods, by stimulating the production of dopamine, but also for reducing inflammation, bringing about great relief.