Coffee Shops To Visit In Kauai, HI

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The state (and island) of Hawaii comes with outstanding places to visit, with so much to offer. Adding to your to-do list, you must include visiting their coffee shops.

Depending on which island you are visiting, you will be able to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee from one of the best coffee houses.

A must-have is the Kauai coffee from Kauai Island. There is much more to coffee that makes the experience more appealing while on the island.

While sipping through a cup of coffee, you will enjoy the nature and culture of the people. More importantly, the coffee stands out on quality, freshness, and a roaming aroma that is bound to calm your nerves. The following are coffee shops to visit while in Kauai.

#1. Aloha In Paradise – Waimea

This shop is highly recommended for outstanding coffee, which also comes with health benefits. How is this possible? Other than the benefits that come with freshly ground coffee, they also use ionized water to prepare your coffee.

Coffee from the island features an acidic nature, and by combining it with the alkalinity of the water, it strikes a balance, ensuring that your cup of coffee has a unique and appealing taste.

The shop also comes with modern amenities, allowing you to remain in touch with the rest of the world, through their internet connection.

#2. Ha Coffee Bar

At Ha Coffee Bar, you will enjoy the rich culture of the people by not only drinking a cup of quality coffee, but also enjoying local food specialties. The combination ensures that you make the best of the Hawaiian cuisine on the island.

They offer a variety of coffee beans and beverages. You can request for whole bean, as well as different coffee drinks that are brewed in the shop. Simply put, you will have coffee served to you just how you like it. Make sure to take in the delicate taste of Kauai coffee beans that will stay with you long after you visit this coffee shop!

#3. Kalaheo Coffee Co. – Kalaheo

While this shop specializes in coffee, they operate as a full-service restaurant. It is well known for its breakfast menu diversity, where they incorporate coffee into a majority of the meals.

They are not a quick coffee place. They are keen to place emphasis on every detail. Every cup of coffee stands out for its unique taste, and they take their time to prepare it.

Its only downside is that it will not meet the needs of individuals who are looking for a quick caffeine fix. It is best for coffee lovers who understand the importance of quality coffee.

#4. Small Town Coffee – Kappa

This shop aims to serve the best coffee, while at the same time, ensuring that you enjoy comfort similar to that of your own home.

You can choose to sit indoors, or enjoy the outdoors. Due to the fresh aroma of coffee from the preparation and production areas, you are bound to soothe your senses of taste and smell.

The above are some of the best coffee shops to visit while on Kauai Island in Hawaii. They all uphold on quality, and blend it with expertise to ensure that every cup of coffee counts.

Considering that the island is a coffee growing area, you are bound to sip through the freshest ground coffee, and enjoy the relaxing aroma of it. Depending on your individual preferences, you can always pick from the options above.