Coffee Terms Demystified – Every Coffee Lover Should Know These!

Have you walked into a coffee shop and heard the person behind the counter say words you have never heard before? There are many coffee terms that most people are unfamiliar with.

Many of these words are used in the coffee industry by those who work around coffee each and every day. If you would like to learn some of the most common, but misunderstood coffee terms, you have come to the right place!

Today, we are going to learn a few terms, so that you can look cool the next time you visit your local cafe. PS. Need a coffee thermos? Check out our new best coffee thermos guide now!

#1. Americano

This is a common coffee term that you might not know. Americano simply means an espresso shot that has been made less strong by diluting it with hot water.

This coffee drink gets its name from the country it is most popular in, America. It is also commonly referred to as the American espresso.

#2. Barista

In America, a Barista is known as a person that can whip up fancy coffee drinks at a minute’s notice. However, the term, which originated in Italy, means something a little different.

Baristas, in other parts of the world, actually make many different types of drinks that can include coffee. On the other hand, someone referred to as a Coffee Sommelier is a Barista that specializes in coffee. Usually, a regular Sommelier specializes in wines.

Coffee Sommeliers are dedicated to their craft, and most of them study the roasting process and brewing methods. They also learn about the many different types of coffee, and how they are grown. To become a Sommelier, it takes many years of learning and training.

#3. Clean Coffee

You may have heard of this coffee term before, but didn’t know what it meant. Clean coffee refers to a cup of Joe that is free from flavor defects, usually made with beans from a single origin estate.

Flavor defects can make your coffee drink unbalanced, giving it a strange taste. A clean cup of coffee is what most coffee experts love to drink.

#4. Cup Character

This is another term that is widely used in the coffee industry. When someone refers to cup character, they are talking about the coffee’s body, sweetness, aftertaste, acidity, aroma, fragrance, and freshness.

These are all characteristics that people use to determine what the coffee will smell and taste like. If coffee has a good cup character, it may be considered balanced.

#5. Finish

When someone is talking about the finish, they are referring to the sensory experience they get after swallowing a mouthful of coffee. If the coffee has a nice finish, then it has pleased the person who is drinking it.

This term is mainly used by coffee tasters who go around and sample coffee for buyers. Coffee tasters will travel far and wide for a coffee that has a nice finish.

These are just a few of the many coffee terms that you should know. If you are passionate about coffee, then these terms will help you to expand your knowledge.

The next time you walk up to a coffee bar, you will know what they are talking about!