Coffee Time – Portland OR

Coffee Time

Coffee Time is a coffee shop and cafe located in Portland, Oregon. It only has a singular location, but unlike the overwhelming wealth of coffee shops that have sprung up around Portland in the last decade or so, Coffee Time has survived since 1994. If you want to brew your own coffee, try our best Sumatran coffee list here.

Serving the Portland Area for 25 Years!

In its quarter century of existence, Coffee Time has always strived to be the local “living room” type space where customers can acquire locally roasted coffee, locally sourced desserts, and homemade food.

It’s the Neighborhood “Living Room” Open Until Midnight

True to its goal, Coffee Time is very much so like a living room. Much like people’s own homes, customers can expect to stay at Coffee Time for just about any length of time that they desire, with the hours ranging from 7:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

The late-night hours broaden the reach of the cafe’s customer base, not solely catering to those that desire a morning wakeup cup. As such, the ability to stay late into the night affects the feel and coziness of the environment, though not as prominently as the interior itself.

The Decor Makes You Feel at Home

The furnishings consist of wooden tables and chairs that could be found in a person’s kitchen, as well as the leather, cushioned chairs and couches. There are windows that bring in natural light, but also table lamps and overhead lighting.

You Can Dine-in and Play Board Games

The space isn’t too bright though, as the walls are painted in dark reds and tans. People lounge around to play the various board games, such as chess and checkers, but also to consume the goods.

If dining in, the beverages will be served in glasses, like the goblet the nitro cold brew comes in. Regular cold brew can be purchased in a growler, but the other drinks are more typical.

The Drink Menu is Traditional

Espresso, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, mochas, tea, kombucha, and black coffee make up the rest of the beverages, the latter of which is served pour over style.

They Make Their Own Flavored Syrups

Coffee Time makes their own syrups, such as lavender and caramel, that can be added to drinks, but they also make their food, such as sandwiches and wraps of lunch and breakfast varieties.

Pastries such as cookies, rolls, bagels, and more are sourced from local bakeries such as Petunia’s and Gabriel’s, rounding out the menu, prime for breakfast or late-night snacks.

No matter the time of day, Coffee Time will be there to serve coffee and food in a comfortable space, as it has been for twenty-five years.


712 NW 21st Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97209.