Crema Coffee House – Denver

Crema Coffee House

Crema Coffee House is a popular and proud purveyor of quality coffee, located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2009 by Noah Price and Johnathan Power, Crema has become a staple in Denver’s coffee culture, repeatedly winning many different online awards for best coffee Denver coffee shop, user and critic voted alike. 

Crema is the name of the coffee house, but also the term for the foam that is found atop of cups of espresso. Likewise, Crema Coffee House specializes in serving quality, rich espresso and coffee. Crema strives to offer roasters that are only what they deem to be the best of the best. For Sumatra coffee brands list, check out our dedicated article here.

Crema Offers a Variety of Roasters

Unlike many other coffee shops, they offer a lot of products from a lot of different roasters; the large number of roasters they currently work with including Stumptown, Huckleberry, Counter Culture, Dogwood, Boxcar, Cartel, Novo, Intelligentsia, Herkimer, and Victrola. Some of these are locally based, but Crema does not shy from those outside Denver. 

Order a Delicious Specialty Drink or a Pour Over

A customer can walk into Crema and request espresso or coffee in roasts from any of these, ensuring they often have a different tasting experience. Besides espresso, they also serve macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, cold brew, hot and iced tea, chai, fresh juice, and kombucha.

If straight coffee is your thing, you can request it in french press and pour over fashions or buy packaged coffee beans to make for yourself at home. 

Crema supports two locations: Crema Coffee House, and Crema Bodega. The latter isn’t a standalone cafe like the coffee house, being located inside the nearby central market. It is focused more so on retail, selling bottled beverages and coffee brewing equipment. It still sells Crema’s craft beverages, but another difference between the two is that Crema Coffee House is equipped with a kitchen run by Johnathan Power and Jim Davis.

Come for Breakfast or Lunch

Much like their coffee, they source their food ingredients from high quality suppliers. The food consists of breakfast staples such as waffles, breakfast burritos, granola bowls, and quiche, but extends itself to foods fit for later times of day such as various sandwiches, salads, and sides. 

The store is dressed in an artistic fashion, with walls that are brick, wood-paneled, and painted. Some walls actually incorporate all three of these, and both hang art on the walls and have artwork literally painted onto them, like the one section that features some goofy cartoon fish and chicken-like-creatures. 

Crema is a Big Supporter of the Arts

Next door to Crema Coffee House is an art studio, and though not exclusively because of this, Crema is known to host art shows and events. Winners of competitions itself, Crema also hosts barista competitions in-store, for both staff and customers to compete.

All of this aid in the friendly and fun atmosphere that Crema hopes to foster. While serving the most finely crafted beverages and treats they can, they still keep things light-hearted and down-to-earth.

Crema is affixed with ample amounts of seating, both indoors and out, so despite its rampant neighborhood popularity, there is plenty of reason and opportunity to try out the quality offerings of Crema Coffee House for yourself.


2862 Larimer St, and the Bodega location just nearby at 2669 Larimer St, Denver, Colorado.