Dapper and Wise Roasters – Portland OR

Dapper and Wise Roasters

Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters hand roasts their coffee with care, offering artisan roasts in three different locations throughout Oregon.

The Portland version is a coffee bar that opened in 2015 with clean, crisp decorations and upscale coffee and tea drinks.

Dapper and Wise’s other locations include a coffee lab and a coffee roastery, where the ideas for and varieties of their beans and beverages are dreamt about. PS: If you’re so inclined, check out our list of additional Brazilian companies here.

There Are 3 Locations Serving Portland Seven Days A Week

They are open seven days a week to provide a top-notch coffee experience to guests at all times. It’s a modern environment, but is still welcoming to those who pop in for a hot chai or lavender latte.

One special feature that Dapper and Wise offers is a subscription to their coffees, designed to keep their customer’s well-stocked with their favorite brews and new flavors to try as well.

They Offer Coffee Subscriptions and Classes

They also offer classes at the Coffee Lab for coffee connoisseurs to attend, on topics such as brewing methods, coffee flavors and origins, espresso, latte art, milk steaming, and certified coffee school.

As far as beverage options, all the bases, sauces, and syrups are made completely in house without taking shortcuts and using only natural components.

Their Ingredients Are House Made and They Offer Milk Alternatives

Milk alternatives, almond and oat milks, are available to accommodate any diet or taste preference as well.

In addition to the typical brewed coffees, teas, and espresso drinks, there is a cold box with other beverages such as sodas, kombucha, and sparkling juices.

The Food Menu Is Limited But Their Drink Menu is Flavorful and Unique

For foods, there are mostly snack options, but tasty ones such as muffins, pastries, bread samplings, and other assorted small offerings; vegan and vegetarian options are easily found.

Their specialties are unique, flavorful drinks like orange blossom, honey, matcha and house-made chai lattes.

They Offer the Most Comfortable Environment

Dapper and Wise prides itself on offering a comfortable space to visit or work, no matter the style of your party. There are plenty of smaller tables and chairs to accommodate a small gathering of friends, a communal bar top, and larger tables to keep a crowd laughing together.

Cozy chairs and couches are tucked away in the corners, as well as a fireplace on one of the open cafe’s side walls. The lighting is soft, but there are bold, larger fixtures to give the cafe a minimalist, yet homey feeling.

Live plants accentuate the surroundings as well. It’s a fast-paced coffee car area, but the seating area makes customers want to stay a while and sip a little more.

Plenty of Seating, Parking and Free WiFi

There are even outdoor chairs so warmer Portland days can be enjoyed too! Free WiFi is available for guests; come in for a latte and bring your next paper to finish or catch up on some extra projects. Car and bike parking is readily available.

If you are looking for an upscale adventure, a course in learning more about your favorite beverage, or just an exceptional treat to sip on while working on some accounting, Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters is an excellent choice.

It isn’t a spot for a full meal but it is a wonderful spot for a great cup of coffee that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Come for an indulgent beverage, stay for the welcoming, cozy environment.


3158 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97202.