Dazbog Coffee – Denver CO

Dazbog Coffee

The idea for Dazbog Coffee has a long and cold history. Anatoly and Leonid Yuffa, two immigrants from the former Soviet Union, wanted a better life and left Russia to pursue their dreams.

They bring their Russian history and a passion for cultivating the richest cup of coffee to Dazbog and the service they provide. They’ve developed unique roasts that give nod to their heritage.

A Successful Coffee Company Owned and Operated By Russian Immigrants

White Nights Espresso, for instance, is in reference to the summer nights when the sun doesn’t set in Leningrad. Each bean has its own unique story to tell because Leo roasts the beans daily in small batches to ensure the quality of the roast is impeccable. This also brings out unique flavors that are lost in larger batches of coffee roasts.

They Offer Six Single Serve Organic Coffee Roasts

Their beans are from places like Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sumatra. Each batch is roasted to bring out the region’s unique flavors and aromas. If you need an organic option, Dazbog Coffee offers six different single serve coffee roasts, including organic Kremlin.

Choose From a Nice Variety of Tea Choices

If tea is your jam, they also have a variety of leaves including organic, herbal, white, and green teas. Online you can even find gift sets that get you everything you need to create the perfect cup of coffee at home.

There Are Many Locations Around Denver Including the Airport

They have a coffee shop in the Denver International Airport and in many locations throughout the Denver Metro area, Fort Collins, and all the way to Cheyenne Wyoming. One of the locations has a modern and clean look with yellow walls, red accents, and even writing in Russian on the walls.

You Can Order Their Coffee Beans Online

They have a photo of Leonid and Anatoly and share a bit of the Dazbog history at the store. They realized their dreams in big ways. Their coffee beans can also be found almost anywhere coffee is found. If you can’t get it at a local store, find it online instead. You can easily place an order and have a wide range of their most popular roasts mailed to you.

The location in the Ptarmigan office building is well-loved for its large patio and serene spot off Colorado Blvd. Customers can order any of their specialty roasts in a cappuccino, Americano, latte, or iced coffee drink. They are made fresh to order and just the way you like it. You’ll even find delicious muffins and pastries on the menu if you want a filling treat to go with your coffee.

The service is excellent. People come to relax, enjoy a good conversation with a friend, the location is next to a hotel, so it’s a great place to stop in if you’re from out of town. Enjoy the WiFi and a hot cup of coffee.

Dazbog Coffee has created quite the coffee empire from the ground up. It’s amazing to see how many locations they have throughout the state. Each location has a unique vibe, but they all have the most important thing in common, carefully roasted coffee beans from around the world.

The dream of two people from Russia inspires many people to never give up and to pursue their passion.


Dazbog Coffee Company, 1090 Yuma Street, Denver, CO 80204

Downtown Denver –Hilton Garden Inn, 1400 Welton St., Denver, Colorado 80202