Dona Juana Coffee Shop – Orlando

Dona Juana coffee shop_orlando

The Dona Juana Coffee Shop is a cute coffee house that is located in Orlando, Florida. The hours of this quaint cafe are 8am – 7pm, Monday through Saturday. They serve a multitude of different sweet snacks, delicious smoothies, and fresh coffee.

It’s a local shop that offers delicious coffee drinks and authentic Brazilian food. The environment is welcoming, the staff are friendly and the service is great. Today on Jiale Coffee, we are delving deep into the Dona Juana Coffee Shop in Orlando, FL.

A Cafe Established With Love

The coffee shop had opened up to the public in late 2016. It is a really cool thing seeing such a beautiful coffee shop in the Orlando, Florida area. The eclectic and enticing decor of the cafe is very eye-catching and unique too.

Dona Juana Coffee Shop is a profound stop for coffee lovers of all kinds.

Known for their Great Service And Delicious Food

Their authentic coffee tastes amazing and the cozy and intimate atmosphere inside the cafe is perfect for ordering a quick and delicious breakfast.

Their fabulous service and the great environment will make you feel welcome and relaxed when entering the doors. Their pastries are all handmade, and they offer vegan cake as well.

Offering Coffee-based Snacks And Brazilian Food

From Brazilian beef empanadas to delectable roasted coffee beans, there is something for just about all of the coffee lovers out there. They also provide coffee-based snack foods, coffee-based ice drinks, and tea.

They offer customers dine-in and take-out options inside of the building. They are a small, modern coffee house that offers quick service and an array of different goodies for everyone.

Come in for Lunch, Breakfast, Candies and/or Desserts

Their casual dining options include hearty lunches, light breakfasts, and heavenly deserts. On their breakfast menu are items such as authentic Tapioca with Ham and cheese, fluffy omelets with vegetables, cheesy poboy sandwiches, and delicious croissants. For their candy selection, you can choose from purchasing a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bombos, macaroons, and amazing fruit bars.

The kind of iced coffee drinks they serve are delicious and many to choose from. From authentic caramel and chocolate Frappuccinos to smooth iced lattes, Dona Juana can hook you up with some of the best iced coffee drinks in Orlando.

If you walk in Dona Juana Coffee Shop specifically for a nice cup of hot Joe, then you will definitely have many flavors and types of coffee to choose from. They offer great Americanos, energizing Espresso Shots, hot lattes, and smooth Mochaccinos.

They Have A Vegan Dessert Menu!

For all of you vegans out there, Dona Juana also has a selection of nice vegan desserts too. Come inside and try their vegan Carrot Cake with authentic chocolate topping on top.

Or, get even bolder with chocolate and try out their amazing vegan chocolate cake complete with a sweet chocolate topping or thick brownies. They also offer Hazel-Nut Mousse you should try out too.

Soups And Sandwiches That Won’t Disappoint

Are you hungry for a hearty lunch? Well, Dona Juana has you covered as the coffee house has a bunch of great sandwiches and soups for customers to choose from.

From Soup Dona Juana to Beef and Beans soup, this cafe is sure to please your taste buds in the lunch area. Their authentic salads are many and include Quinoa and Salmon salads, Shrimp and Green salads, and Chicken and Quinoa salads.

From coffee to chocolates to vegan desserts, you can’t really go wrong at Dona Juana’s Coffee House. The menu is thriving with great options for lunch and breakfast both.

Many people love coffee, and Dona Juana is a great place to go to pick up a good cup of it. Your sweet-tooth will surely be happy if you pick up any one of their amazing desserts too.


6965 Piazza Grande Ave St 104, Orlando, FL 32835