Easy Luck Coffee & Bodega – Orlando FL

Easy Luck Coffee & Bodega - Orlando FL

Everyone looks for the one place in their local community that is perfect for all their caffeinated needs. If that place happens to include coffee made from “local roasts and exclusive beans from around the country” as well as “craft toasts” then it could be a winner. If it happens to be in walking distance from your work or home then that’s a plus.

Either way, finding a good coffee spot you can call “home” is what we all strive to find. The Easy Luck Coffee and Bodega in Florida has great reviews on their coffee, location and food. This shop is definitely at the top of my list.

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“Our House, Your House”

The small coffee shop at South St and Bumby in the Milk District of Orlando opened on 27th October 2018 and has been welcoming customers ever since with their warm avocado on toast and friendly welcoming slogan written on the bar “Our house, your house”. This sentiment seems to have found a place in many local’s hearts with one review stating that the coffee shop is “a place that is home for many”.

The Seating is Comfy and Welcoming

Tanner Jones has created this home from home in a spacious environment with a mix of low seating and higher bar stools or some softer numbers for relaxing in your own personal oasis of coffee fumes and delicious artisanal smells.

Try a Specialty Toast with Your Delicious Caffeinated Drink

From 7AM – 3PM daily you can order a range of hot and cold beverages with your choice of toppings on toast. All the usual avocado and bacon suspects are available along with some of their own personalized recipes and humor such as “Congratulations Smack & Katy (Almond butter, meet Jelly)” and “Cinna-Toast Crunch (Intentionally named to avoid a cease-and-desist)”.

For those with simple taste there is also “Buttered Toast (Just…well, just toast. But good toast.)” with Earth Balance butter for a very reasonable $2.50.

Offering Vegan and Vegetarian Choices

The Easy Luck coffee and bodega has an ethical strand running through the shop’s ethos with a wide vegetarian and vegan selection as well as options to change the others to these categories, such as removing bacon or choosing their vegan mayonnaise spread.

They Make Hot and Cold Coffee Drinks

For un-parching your throat they provide all the family favorites of Americano, Latte, Cappuccino or Mocha as well as Matcha Latte, Chai Latte, Drip Coffee, Pour Over and a selection of hot teas. If you want to cool yourself, they provide a choice of Cold Brew Iced Coffee, Flash Brew Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, summer sparkling variations and an Espresso Freddo – “A Greek summer drink. Double shot of espresso and maple syrup, shaken until frothy.” which sounds particularly enticing.

Milk Substitutes Are Available

As you would expect you can substitute any milk for the Oat or Cashew variety for an extra $0.75 and a plethora of bottled/canned beverages and pastries are also on hand for when your sweet tooth comes calling. They of course also have take-out options!

Stop in and Relax or Use Their Take Out Service

Although the shop can be packed at times they never waiver on the cozy vibe and relaxing atmosphere that their customers simply cannot get enough of.

Their choice of background music is energizing and uplifting. Some may say that playing Dogleg at 7AM is a bit too much. But then again, they probably just need to have a coffee first and they would be more than happy to jam to that vibe.

Overall, Easy Luck Coffee and Bodega does exactly what it says on the tin: laid-back and easygoing staff delivering a high-quality service in a bodega


2425 E South St, Orlando, FL 32803, United States