Federal Coffee – Denver CO

Federal Coffee

Federal Coffee, aptly named for the street it opened on, is a quaint family-owned coffee shop in Denver, Colorado. Everyone who visits seems to enjoy the owners, Sonia and Mark. Federal Coffee brews their drinks using Ampersand Coffee Roasters branded coffee, located in Boulder, CO.

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A Cafe Using Ampersand Coffee To Create Delicious Drinks

Ampersand uses a variety of light and dark roasted beans, so this means that Federal Coffee is stocked full of these various caffeinated flavors.

This coffee shop opened very recently in December 2018, and according to reviews, they’re already making a splash with the locals.

What You Can Find at Federal Coffee

Federal Coffee is next to the art district of Denver, so naturally, they covered the walls on this establishment with many great pieces of artwork.

You will find that the art will rotate every few months, so you could always expect something new after some time. The music and atmosphere is toned down so you can enjoy your cup of coffee and work in peace.

Who Is Behind the Success of Federal Coffee?

The owners, Mark and Sonia, met with each other over a mutual cup of coffee. They seem to be working at the shop all of the time, so you’ll likely encounter them if you stop by. Their baristas serve excellent quality coffees and make sure their creations are never too sweet or too bitter.

Don’t Forget To Try Their Vegan Banana Muffin

While food options are limited, they do have great breakfast burritos, and local bread (like bagels, croissants, their popular Vegas Banana Muffin,) served daily. Federal Coffee has non-dairy options like oat milk for those with those dietary concerns.

You’ll also be happy to know they sell Ampersand cold brew coffee by the can and bagged coffee beans for home use too. Smokers can rejoice in knowing there is an outdoor patio located on the premises.

They Have A Strong Facebook Presence

Federal Coffee doesn’t have a dedicated website or contact number. However, it does have a Facebook page where they tout several deals, events, and changes to the business that you could check out. The best way to contact them with questions would be via Facebook.

I’d check it every month or so because there is always something to see over there too. For example, they celebrated their first-anniversary last month and held an art reception for the occasion.

It seems that Federal Coffee, while they are still relatively new kids on the block, is doing something right for their customer base in Denver. The owners are friendly, and their coffee, while it seems run-of-the-mill, is still served with great care from the baristas that work there. If you go, they are open in the mornings and go until about 2 PM.

They close on Tuesdays. Federal Coffee is the perfect spot to take a first date, visit quietly with friends, read a book, see some local art, or do some work. I think it’s a good idea to support these new business owners in the space that they seem to love. –After all, don’t we love everything about coffee in Denver too?


2307 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211