Fleet Coffee Co – Austin TX

Fleet Coffee Co

Two colleagues, Patrick Pierce and Lorenzo Perkins, met as coworkers at Caffe Medici in Austin, Texas. Some years later, they are now more than coworkers. They are co-owners.

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Champion Coffee Brewers

Pierce and Perkins have taken their expertise from past experiences, and within the last few years have founded their very own coffee shop, Fleet Coffee Co. 

Both owners have lists of accolades to their names that should not be scoffed at, such as first place prizes in various coffee brewing competitions, the very first South Central Barista Champion award, and more.

Established in 2016 and Going Strong

Upon opening the doors of Fleet Coffee in 2016, they stifled expectations by going small. Small by no means diminishes the impressiveness of their store, however. Rather, it shows their focus and ideals.  Fleet Coffee Co. sits in a 364-square-foot, triangular shaped building.

There are a couple chairs and benches to sit, both inside and out, but lounging is not central to the experience they provide. Perkins and Pierce pour and portray very select roasts of coffee that they acquire from specific suppliers.

Yes, their selections are ever-changing, but only within the modest list of suppliers that they have dedicated long-term relationships with. Fleet Coffee keeps a mainstay supplier in Madcap, from Michigan, of which they provide roasts year-round.

A Coffee Menu and a Not Coffee Menu

The other roasts fall into their three month calendar cycle in pairs. Fleet Coffee consistently rotates the two non-Madcap roasts every three months.  Using these roasts, Fleet Coffee supports two sections of their menu, with the addition of a “Not Coffee” section that includes teas, hot chocolate, and something called “Richard’s Rainwater.”

The coffee-related sections are titled “Coffee” and “Coffee And.” The regular coffee menu is straightforward, with the usual offerings of mochas, espresso, iced coffee, and the like.

The “Coffee And” menu is where Fleet Coffee winds up its wild side. These drinks are constantly changing and evolving, helping ensure Fleet Coffee stays ahead of the game as far as “what’s next” in the coffee world.

Rotating “Feature” Beverages and More

Currently, this menu features three beverages: The Ritual, E.T, and Housemade Soda. The Ritual is a lemon pound cake cortado with a lemon snap cookie, E.T. is a mix of grapefruit juice, tonic water, espresso, and simple syrup, and the Housemade soda is made up of cascara syrup, pomegranate juice, sparkling water, and bitters. 

Serving Coffee, Tacos & Baked Treats

Fleet Coffee Co. makes all of their syrups in-house. They also partner with Veracruz Tacos and Sour Duck Market to serve breakfast tacos and baked treats, respectively. If you stop by Fleet Coffee, it is intended to be a quick but memorable experience. They’ll make your beverage right in front of you and send you back into the world.

You might take note of the store’s appearance, which, made in conjunction with designer Brockett Hamilton, is minimalist. It features cement, unfinished walls, Edison-bulb lights, and large windows. If you don’t take much notice to that though, it is because of the reasons behind it.

Fleet Coffee Co. was founded upon a “coffee-first” ethos, and the rest is unnecessary. Try their specialized coffees for yourself by visiting them in Austin, Texas.


2427 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78702