Floyd’s Coffee Shop – Portland

Floyds coffee shop

Founded in 2004 by Jack Inglis and his wife, Cris Chapman, Floyd’s Coffee Shop is a retro and casual coffee shop and cafe located in the Oldtown area of Portland, Oregon. If you were a local of the Portland area, you might question the name, and that is because it seems to be associated with a few different ones. PS if you want to brew your own coffee, take a look at how an Ethiopian coffee pot works… simply delicious and pure brew!

A Cafe By Any Other Name

Known as Floyd’s Coffee Shop, Floyd’s Coffee, Floyd’s Oldtown Coffee Shop, or simply Oldtown Coffee, is gathers these names because of its well-known and casual status within its local area, frequently filled with regular customers.

While it is only as old as 2004, it appears decades older. Not only has the building it calls home been standing since 1875, but the interior of the cafe has been fashioned to look straight out of the 1970’s. 

Has an Old Fashioned Decor

Most of the walls keep the look of the building’s original brick, while some are painted in an old-fashioned yellow; and the floors are marble with green squares patterned throughout. 

Much of the cafe’s signs, be it the logo or the menus, are done in an old-school fashion. Most notably, however, is the inclusion, or rather, lack of removal, of the fully functioning phone booth that sits next to the entrance.

Whether people come to Floyd’s individually or in groups, there is seating for everyone. Tables with old fashioned wood chairs saddled up to them are strewn throughout the lounge and on the fenced side-patio, but there is also the long, rectangular, communal table that is perfectly suited for business meetings or family gatherings. 

Serving Up Strumptown Coffee & Local Treats

The products that entice those individuals and groups to come to the cafe consist of coffee provided by the popular Portland coffee roaster, Stumptown, tea from Jasmine Pearl, baked pastries and treats from various local businesses, and food made in-house.

Floyd’s serves food most tailored to breakfast and lunch, with items such as the Turkey Brie and Caprese paninis, toasted bagels with cream cheese and salmon, egg-turnovers, and the most significant option, their breakfast burrito. It is reasonably displayed as the most pronounced item on the menu and is the most popular selling food.

The Stumptown coffee is the most plentiful beverage option, with Floyd’s brewing it into the typical cafe beverages such as mochas, lattes, espresso, and more. Adding an old-fashioned touch to their beverages, Floyd’s also offers bottled beverages, such as Coca-Cola in the classic glass bottle, among others. 

A Place to Enjoy Different Genres of Local Art

Connecting with the community in ways beyond partnering with other businesses, Floyd’s features the art of local artists on its walls and hosts a myriad of events both indoors and on its patio, including concerts, poetry readings, and more.

Old Recipes but New Ownership

Jack Inglis and Cris Chapman instilled all of these faculties into their business, but as recently as 2018, they relinquished ownership, welcoming in the new owners, Stephen and Nicole Tignor.

Fortunately for its loyal patrons, everything that makes up the essence of Floyd’s Coffee Shop remains intact. If you desire to enjoy a taste of Stumptown coffee in a throwback atmosphere or want to have a hefty breakfast burrito with the family, seek out Floyd’s Coffee Shop.  


18 NW Couch St, Portland, Oregon, 97209.