Fortune Telling With Turkish Coffee

delicious mug of turkish coffee

The future is a mystery, and that can sometimes hold you back from reaching your full potential, because of the fear of the unknown. You may be single, and are afraid of putting yourself out there because you do not want to have your heart broken.

Or maybe you are living a mediocre life, all because you feel that the job openings in the company you work for are not an ideal fit.

Whatever it is, sometimes you need a little push in the right direction to have your life’s puzzle pieces fall into place.

For this reason, all you need is to have delicious and best Turkish coffee, and get the fortune teller to reveal to you what awaits you in the future.

What Is Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling?

A Turkish coffee reading is a practice that started in the 16th century in Turkey. It has now adopted an academic term called tasseography, or tasseomancy, meaning Turkish coffee fortune telling.

The practice can also be used with tea leaves or wine sediments. However, no scientific theory exists to support the basis of this practice.

Still, if you are a believer, the fortune telling practice also has its share of beliefs. For instance, you can dispel bad omens if you drink coffee from only one side of the cup, and place a coin on top.

How To Perform A Turkish Coffee Reading

You do not have to be an expert to be a fortune teller; all you need to know is the meaning of various symbols and be chatty with the person you’re with, as the coffee drains from the cup.

In some countries, fortune tellers only read the coffee leftovers; in others, they go a step further to get readings from the cup and saucer too.

If the fortune teller tries to pick up the cup, but it is stuck to the sauce, they will not tell you your fortune. This is because luck is already on your side, and telling you would break it. They call such a reading ‘the Prophet’s cup.’

Alternatively, if most of the coffee leftovers drain from the cup to the saucer, then the diviner will tell you that your worries are leaving you.

On the other hand, if the sediments form a mound, you will soon run into some money. In other countries, when the diviner lifts the cup, and it leaves a perfectly round shape outlining its rim on the saucer, then the intent will be realized. If, instead, there is a broken circle, then the opposite holds.

You can also do fortune telling from Turkish coffee by dividing the cup into five sections. If you are the fortune teller, you can turn the cup’s handle to point towards you, so that the area around the handle will represent relationships and love.

The part across the cup’s handle represents wealth and money, while the section to the right of the handle represents future events.

The cup’s bottom will represent family and home, while the part to the left of the handle will stand for the present situation of the coffee drinker.

What Are The Basic Symbols To Expect And Their Meanings?

The usual patterns include lines; vertical ones represent the goals in your life, and the more prominent and darker they are, the better the results.

A line that reaches the cup’s rim represents auspiciousness of that particular goal. Wavy lines imply uncertainty, while straight lines mean clear plans.

If there is a circle instead, then it means you will experience overall success; but if the reader spots black dots, then you will have some money soon.

Other shapes include a triangle, representing a change that is coming, while a square means peace and comfort. The letter ‘Y’ means you are at a crossroads, or help will come from a friend.

A question mark represents questions for which you need answers; if it has a dot, you will get the answer, but if there is no dot, you will remain in uncertainty. An exclamation mark means excitement or danger, while a colon is a sign of good luck.


Whether you are superstitious or not, a Turkish coffee reading is a fun experience, and you should definitely try it.

You might get clarity on something you have been questioning for a long time. The next time you drink Turkish coffee, remember that you could be holding the future in your hands.