Fun Coffee Games You Can Play Alone Or With Company

Coffee games are different, because many people typically do not associate game playing with drinking this popular beverage. By the way, we recently updated our top Colombian coffee brands list here.

However, coffee games can make for an entertaining good time with friends and coffee lovers alike. Here are some coffee games that coffee enthusiasts can play with one another.

Each game is designed for entertainment and fun, and participants will get to drink coffee while learning about their favorite drink. This is truly a win/win situation for any coffee lover.

#1. Coffee Traveler: Guess That Flavor

Coffee Traveler is a simple coffee game where players will taste a coffee flavor, and then guess where the coffee was made. This game is simple to play, and it is extremely challenging.

Coffee lovers will have to use their taste buds and wits to figure out where the different flavors are derived. The person hosting the game will have to brew the coffee using the same method.

This way, it will be more difficult for players to figure things out. Hosts should also select different types of coffee beans that come from different parts of the world, to ensure that players have a chance of guessing right.

The player who figures out the most coffee flavors will win the game. Using samples is best, so as to avoid too much caffeine.

#2. Name That Brewing Method

Name That Brewing Method is a similar game to Coffee Traveler. The exception is that players will have to figure out what brewing method was used to make a coffee drink.

Hosts should take a particular type of coffee bean, and use various brewing methods to make coffee drinks. They should use at least 3 different methods, so that players will have a harder time trying to figure them out.

The player who can guess the most brewing methods for the drink will win the game.

#3. Caffeine Rush Coffee Game

#3 on our coffee games list… Caffeine Rush was inspired by beer games, where people try to see how much alcohol they can consume before getting drunk.

The purpose of this game is to see how many cups of coffee a person can take before the caffeine affects them too much.

The host can use standard cups of coffee, or coffees that have a high caffeine content. Each player will consume the same amount of cups.

The person who can down the most, without getting the jitters or a caffeine rush, is the winner. This game is not for people who have cardio problems or heart conditions.

Also, the host should stop the game if they notice people are drinking coffee to the point where it’s making them act like they really are drunk. You should exercise extreme caution with this game.

#4. Coffee-Based Video Games

Did you know they have coffee apps? Google Play and the Apple Store have apps for coffee-based video games, as well as informational apps.

My Café is a video game that coffee lovers can play on their smartphones. It is a single player game where a person will have to figure out the best way to grow their own coffee shop.

In the game Idle Coffee Corp, players run a coffee shop, and try to keep it in business. They’ll have to overcome plenty of challenges that will try to run their shops into the ground.

Players can drink their favorite cup of Joe while playing these great video game titles.