Good Coffee – Portland OR

Good Coffee

Good Coffee is a coffee shop located in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2014 by Dustin Evans and brothers Sam and Nick Purvis. The general idea can be learned through the simple but telling name, Good Coffee.

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It’s More Than Just Good Coffee

Logically, they aim first and foremost to serve up a good cup of coffee. When the shop came into being, it was serving some of the best coffee they could find, but which was not exclusively their own.

They formerly offered coffees from MadCap, Heart, Roseline, and Coava, and essentially acted as a vessel to spread the reach of these quality products. Business was going well enough, however, to the point where Good Coffee could eventually afford to roast their own beans.

The Beans are Sourced from All Over the World

Now days, if you visit any of their four locations, you can order a cappuccino, espresso, americano, latte, mocha, vanilla latte, or cold brew, made with beans sourced from Colombia, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Seasonal drinks are in constant rotation, but at this time of year they have been known to include Marionberry Cacao and Maple & Smoked Orange lattes, made with espresso, milk, the flavored syrups they are named with, and garnished with either cacao nibs or powdered cinnamon, respectively. There are also sparkling matcha and coffee sodas.

Purchasing Their Coffee Donates to a Cause

Good Coffee’s blends can be purchased in packages either online or in store, but occasionally, certain packages support causes, like the Open School Blend that gives twenty percent of its proceeds to Open School. Look for packages labeled “Common Good” for similar causes.

The Menu is Slightly Different at All Locations

Though Good Coffee no longer serves other businesses’ beverages, they do purvey offerings of food from local businesses. What is on-hand will slightly depend on which location you visit.

Sandwiches from Lardo and pastries from Frice Pastry can be found at their stand-alone cafes, but the location at the Woodlark hotel, for instance, serves the food of the connected restaurant, Bullard.

A Modern Decor With a Scandinavian Twist

A common theme between all locations is the design. Good Coffee cafes are like modern coffee shops, decked out in white and wood, but the decor is prominent and Scandinavian.

Carved art pieces, animal pelts, and plants can be found throughout, as well as a large cushioned couches and fuzzy chairs, amongst more normal seats and tables. There are hanging lamps and wall sconces, but the spaces are mostly lit with natural light.


1150 SE 12th St, 4747 SE Division St, 2175 NW Raleigh St, or 813 SW Adler St, Portland, Oregon