Weird, But Surprisingly Great Coffee Additions

coffee with cheese and snacks

While some people like their coffee without adding anything to it, others like to try out different additions. Some of the common additions used worldwide are sugar and cream, but there are others that are rarely used.

These rarely used additions are sometimes considered weird, but they bring out a great coffee that’s rich in taste and flavor.

Back to the topic at hand: They create a perfect blend that can be appealing to anyone. They also make coffee more interesting by taking away the monopoly that surrounds the way it’s taken. Some of those additions included below.


Salt is mainly used to add flavor to different solid foods. It is rarely used in drinks, especially coffee. However, when added to coffee in small amounts, it can change the entire taste of the beverage.

Salt can be used for coffee in different ways. One of them is by making the coffee, then sprinkling the salt and stirring.

The other option is to add salt to the coffee during grinding. Either way, your coffee will adapt a new, amazing taste that will leave you wanting more. Just be sure not to put in too much salt.


Most people associate butter with everything else, except coffee. When combined with coffee, it brings about a unique flavor that is intriguing.

To make it more interesting, add coconut to the mixture. The oil will improve the thickness of the coffee, while adding nutrients at the same time.

This type of coffee is known to be great for your health, since it adds more nutritional value than the regular coffee. Make sure to use grass fed butter, which is healthier than conventional butter.


Harder cheeses are the preferable type to use with coffee. Its flavorful, melting nature makes it the perfect addition to create a better taste and texture to your coffee.

You can either add in the cheese when brewing (if it’s a non-filtered coffee), or put in chunks when the coffee is ready.

If you use the latter option, leave the cheese in the coffee for a few minutes in order for it to release all its fat, salt, and nutrients. You’ll definitely like the end result.


The caffeine that is found in coffee helps to stimulate the body, resulting in alertness and more energy. Mushrooms, on the other hand, help to balance the body’s energy.

Combining these two will create the perfect balance for your body. You’ll have the correct energy, and will be able to sleep better.

Your immune system could also benefit from this mixture, since mushrooms help in that area. Simply sprinkle a packet of medicinal mushrooms into your coffee, preferably in the morning, before drinking.

Different companies have different features in their mushrooms, so be sure to research which is the better option for you.


Most people who don’t like coffee often site the acidity and bitterness of the drink as the reason. The use of an egg is meant to reduce the acidic nature of the coffee.

This is a common addition in Norway, but is considered one of the weirdest in other parts of the world. While it may be great in adding nutrients to the body, you may not like the taste in the beginning.

The egg makes the drink sort of sloppy, but many people love that it combines coffee with breakfast, all in one cup.


There are many other additions one can use, such as whiskey and ice cream. All of them bring a different taste to the coffee, and also benefits to the person who is consuming it.

They are additions that are usually used in homes and are, therefore, easily accessible. You can try out a different addition every day to keep your morning coffee more interesting.