High Five Coffee – Asheville

High Five coffee

High Five Coffee was founded at the very end of 2012, but that is not where its history began. While 2012 presented a popular doomsday scenario for many people, it was also a rebirth for Jay Weatherly and his wife, Kim Hunt’s business operations.

In 2007, Jay had purchased a location of Dripolator Coffee in Asheville, North Carolina, but it didn’t fulfill all of the ideals for his dream coffee shop.

Because of this, and because he wanted to show people that the Dripolator he owned was not the same as the other location by the same name, he implemented core changes, most importantly including the name.

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Re-Branded an Old Shop Into Something More Desirable

In the spirit of how Jay could be personified and how he wanted his shop to come across, Dripolator became High Five Coffee, with a new logo to boot; this being the Atlas Branding designed open-palm hand in an orange shield-like shape. Effectively, you know it when you see it. 

The other core change is the welcoming of partnership with Counter Culture Coffee, a Durham based roaster. Not only are they based out of North Carolina, but they are ethically sound, fully engrained in the sustainable methods and priorities that help maintain healthy crops and land.

Partnered With Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture works directly with their farmers, ensuring the sustainability of their operations first-hand, and presenting more benefit to and control over their product and suppliers in return. In roasting the beans, they work in small-batch, artisanal quantities, focusing on flavor and correct temperature control. 

Once in the hands of High Five, the beans are met with the brewing methods that present the standard drinks of their menu, such as espresso, americanos, lattes, mochas, macchiatos, cold brew, and drip coffee, but they are otherwise also met with High Five’s house-made syrups.

Offering Unique Homemade Syrups

This being another core component change in operation, High Five opts to make their own unique syrups, rather than use stock options that can be found anywhere else. These syrups are available to add to drinks, but also find themselves as a typical ingredient in the popular menu option of “Barista’s Choice.”

This is ever-changing, but often creative, known to have included a “Blue Velvet,” for example, which is a mix of blueberry ginger shrub, fresh ginger, and espresso.  The baristas that serve these beverages and food, such as granola bowls and sandwiches made with bagels from The Rhu, are hired and taught to be friendly and welcoming.

3 Amazing Locations to Choose From

Each of the now three locations of High Five Coffee are slightly different in decor, one being more industrial and modern than the others, but each presents an open atmosphere where customers and baristas can engage in friendly conversation.

The ethos of High Five Coffee is centered in community, and that can’t be built by being closed off and simply a service. Much like a bar, customers can sit at the counter and chat.

The wifi is only enabled for two hours for any customer, and this helps promote social activity beyond the virtual sort. What High Five Coffee is really trying to achieve is a pleasurable coffee experience that makes a customer leave feeling like giving people high fives.


190 Broadway St, 13 Rankin Ave, or 2000 Riverside Dr. #54, Asheville, North Carolina.