Hollow Cafe – San Francisco

Hollow Cafe

Hollow Cafe is a coffee shop located in the Inner Sunset area of San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2008 by Dawn and William LaMontagne. Together, the couple owns and operates the tiny cafe that offers a contrasting feel to many of its competitors. If you want a Sumatran blend, try our top favourites!

Started By Two Locals

Before opening Hollow Cafe, Dawn was working in the interior design world, and this trade has carried over to the cafe, making it particularly unique in appearance. Natives to the area, the LaMontagnes created Hollow with the goal of providing a sort of reprieve from the city life that surrounds it. 

A Place Away From the City

Instead of being a sleek, bright, and minimalistic shop, the store acts as if it were a cave. Instead of white walls, it is dark green, much like a forest, and moodily lit. While it may sound eerie and uncomfortable, it has rather created a unique and original charm.

The cafe is very small, and this presented trouble as Hollow’s popularity rose. Fortunately, the store that had been next door vacated, and the couple purchased it in 2013, thus creating a new boutique named Dandy, as well placing some of Hollow’s equipment in the space. 

The two businesses work hand-in-hand, and create a yin and yang feel, with Dandy engulfed in light, pastel colors, and selling soft items such as soaps, and Hollow selling coffee as black as customers prefer. 

The Menu is Traditional With a Few Specialties

The coffee is sourced through Ritual Coffee Roasters, and fashioned into espressos, mochas, lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, cortados, americanos, cafe au laits, and french pressed coffee.

Partnered With Local Companies to Offer Biscuits, Marshmallows & Empenadas

Along with chai and matcha lattes, there are a few flavorfully unique beverages such as the house butterscotch and vanilla bean lattes. Hollow Cafe partners with Biscuit Bender and Nucha Empanadas to provide biscuits, marshmallows, and empanadas respectively.

Add Fresh Marshmallows To Any Drink

The marshmallows are a frequent addition to customers’ drinks, and the empanadas are convenient for the small cafe, allowing them the ability to serve food but not need a kitchen.

The Owners Bake Their Goods at Home

However, there are house-baked goods in the forms of muffins, cakes, and cupcakes, but the house they are made in is the LaMontagnes’ own, which is only three blocks away from Hollow.  The couple appreciates having Hollow in such close proximity, not just for the convenience, but because it is the only shop of its kind in the area.

This has helped fuel its success and provided a much-needed amenity for the neighborhood. For a woodsy escape from the city, or simply for a comforting baked good or beverage, visit Hollow Café.


1435 Irving St, San Francisco, California