How To Select A Moka Pot

bialetti moka coffee pot

Coffee has many health benefits, and is one of the most liked beverages around the world. Buying coffee all the time can be expensive, which is why most people prefer to brew their own.

This leads to a need for coffee machines, and although there are many on the market, the best ones are few. You need to know the qualities to look out for when dealing with each specific brand. Today, we’ll be discussing the Moka Pot. A Moka Pot is one of the best coffee machines that can be used on a stove, or on an electric outlet. It has many benefits and features, but you still need a guideline to help you choose properly.


Moka Pots have the same basic design that make them easy to use. These are usually three chambers for the water, ground coffee, and brewed coffee.

Make sure you understand these dynamics to enable you to identify what to put where, so that you don’t end up mixing them up.

Usually, the lower chamber is meant for the water, while the middle one is for ground coffee. The top one is meant for the ready coffee.


Moka Pots are designed to handle different amounts of coffee. Each pot has a specified quantity that it can brew, and those specifications should be followed keenly.

You, therefore, have to consider the amount of coffee you make before purchasing one. You should also consider the fact that these pots require the maximum quantity of liquid during brewing.

You cannot brew half a pot of coffee using the Moka Pot. It’s important to notice that the pot’s cups aren’t of the same measurement as normal coffee carafe cups.

Moka Pot Type

One of the major factors to consider is the type of Moka Pot you want. There are two types: namely, the manual type and an electrical one. Each of these require different levels of skills to operate effectively.

The manual one may be a little complicated for novice coffee makers, since it may be harder for them to regulate the temperature and grinding.

Electric Moka Pots, on the other hand, adjust themselves accordingly, making it easier to operate. Consider how well you can control the pot before choosing a type.


Most of these pots are made with aluminum materials, while others are made using stainless steel. Each of these metals have their pros and cons that you should consider before settling on one.

For instance, aluminum Moka Pots tend to be cheaper, durable, and are great for brewing on stoves. Stainless steel, on the other hand, doesn’t rust easily, and isn’t prone to scratches.

Stainless steel Moka Pots are stronger, making them very durable. Although they tend to be more expensive, they can also be used on stoves.


Moka Pots have many advantages, such as versatility. These pots give you an opportunity to make different types of coffee easily.

It may be challenging to figure out how to use them during the first few days, but once you get used to it, you’ll get some great coffee with a distinct taste and aroma.

You should also remember that the type of coffee you use plays a great role in the end result. Ensure that you use high quality coffee with your Moka Pots, in order to get the perfect results.