iCafe De Paris – Orlando

iCafe De Paris - Orlando Florida

We’ve all been on holiday and had such an amazing time away that we just can’t face getting on the plane home without bringing a little of where we stayed back with us. Sometimes this is in the form of food or drink from your new favorite coffee shop or a postcard with a picture of the best jaw-dropping landmark.

Unfortunately, the food will often be gone by the time the wheels hit home soil, the drink is gone after your first night back with friends and even the postcard on the fridge gets covered by a mountain of new paper.

PS. If you’ve ever wondered how to make Turkish coffee, we’ve got you covered.

An Orlando Coffee Shop with Parisian Flair

If you’ve ever been to the famous city of lights and yearned for more Parisian atmosphere at home, then iCafe De Paris is the place for you. This iconic cafe believes that the French make the finest food in the world, so they have brought over a little slice of European heaven to entice your taste buds and evoke memories of your best holiday away.

Beautiful Patio Seating with Amazing Views

Opening bright and early every morning at 8am, you can swing by for the best coffee in Orlando (their words, you can put them to the test!) and catch the first of the day’s rays on their Parisian patio. The comfortable seating is set amongst some lush foliage next to a small babbling stream underneath the gorgeous structure of the world-famous Orlando Eye and is perfect for solo sunning or family frolics.

Serving French Style Breakfast Choices

To have a totally laid-back morning (like you did every day on holiday) breakfast is served French style with omelets and a selection of continental delicacies reminiscent of those joyous times.

Come for a Late-night Treat and Coffee

If you want to enjoy your coffee or food later in the day or even well into the evening then the establishment (including the patio) lets you enjoy a warm brew with the warm weather well into the night, staying open until at least 12am every day.

Their Crepes are Something to Write Home About

When your stomach rumbles for something a little more solid the piece de resistance of this French inspired coffee shop is their wide selection of pastries and crepes. Whether you’re in the mood for their “Sugar Crazy” or you’re more of a “Fruit Lover” they have a crepe for you. My choice would be the Bonaparte (who knew he liked Nutella and peanut butter!?).

Try Some Wine or Beer With Your Sandwich

For those with more of a savory craving you can choose from a selection of sandwiches or pizzas and wash it all down with your choice of cold beverages, beer or wine (I heard the French have wine with breakfast).

Many customers love this European home from home with the emphasis being on a wonderful location to be enjoyed with great service. As with any cafe you can go for food or drink with any of your friends but if you’re looking for a French experience this is the place in Orlando. Don’t forget to try their authentic crepes with a European style coffee. iCafe De Paris believes they are the best cafe in the city. Let’s see if you agree.


8465 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819