Instant Coffee Vs Ground Coffee – Which One Is better?!


A good cup of coffee is one of life’s great pleasures. The comforting feeling that comes from smelling coffee, and the burbling sound of brewing it is almost universal. It is a shared human experience that even non-coffee drinkers can relate to.

There is hardly a city or town to be found without a coffee shop, and home coffee brewing systems are a kitchen staple that transcends borders. Coffee culture can be found everywhere in the world.

What makes the perfect cup of coffee? Some people believe you need a dark roast, while others insist a sprinkle of salt makes a world of difference. Every aficionado has their preference and opinions on the subject.

However, no subject is more fervently debated among coffee lovers than the merits of fresh instant coffee vs ground coffee. Before you can truly pick a side, it helps to know what the differences are. For more information on best Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee retailers, check out our page by clicking on the link.

Differences Between Instant Coffee Versus Ground Coffee:

Instant Coffee

What is instant coffee, and how is it made? Well, to begin with, instant coffee is made entirely from coffee beans. In that respect, it is exactly the same as any other coffee. There are a couple of methods for creating the dark crystalline powder that makes such a handy pantry staple.

The first way to make instant coffee is to freeze dry it. Coffee is heated, and concentrated into extract form. The extract then goes through a two part cooling and freezing process.

This frozen coffee extract is then refined by a drying vacuum, which removes all the water. What remains is the familiar coffee granules that can be rehydrated.

The second method, called spray drying, is the less complicated of the two. It is also the polar opposite of freeze drying.

Like the first method, coffee needs to be concentrated before it can be processed. The concentrate is sprayed through scorching hot, exceptionally dry air by nozzles that create a fine mist. What falls into the trays below is instant coffee.

While fresh coffee is typically preferred for drinking, the instant form has additional uses. Instant coffee makes a much better (less crunchy and grainy) addition to baked goods. It dissolves well in semi-solids, like icing and ice cream, and makes excellent iced coffee drinks.

Ground Coffee

The search for the perfect brew is a common topic among baristas and fans. Differences in roasting and where the beans are grown certainly change the flavor.

In its native form, most coffee drinkers wouldn’t recognize coffee. What we call a coffee “bean” is actually the seed found inside the fruit of a tree.

The coffee fruit, known as a “cherry”, is harvested by machines or hand. The fruit itself is removed, and the core seed is kept. These seeds range in color from green, to reddish or tan. The raw “beans” are then roasted.

The amount of time that the beans cook determines how dark the roast will be. Darker roasts have slightly less intact caffeine, but generally have a more robust flavor.

After roasting, the coffee is ground up, hence the name “ground coffee”. There are a few ways to accomplish this. Some people prefer to DIY, and have an electric, or even hand crank grinder at home.

Pre-ground coffee goes through an industrial grinder in a factory, or the smaller version in the coffee aisle of most grocery stores.

Fresh ground coffee has a distinct flavor. As previously mentioned, most people prefer their hot coffee to come from this method. Ground coffee isn’t as easy to cook with, but it makes a marvelous, aromatic hot drink.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the facts is one thing, but choosing your ideal cup of Joe is highly personal. What tastes amazing to one person may not taste right at all to another.

Is the convenience of a quick pick-me-up what you need first thing in the morning? Or are you the sort of person who wants their beans hand roasted in small batches by locals who obsess over the exact color of each individual piece?

Most of us naturally fall somewhere in between. It is well worth the time to do a few taste tests, and see for yourself.