Is Kauai Coffee Fair Trade?

As a coffee lover, have you ever wondered if the coffee you enjoy is ethically sourced and produced? In particular, is Kauai Coffee, the largest coffee grower in Hawaii, fair trade?

When I started drinking coffee years ago, I had no idea about how the coffee industry works and slowly educated myself.  Kauai coffee being one of my all-time favourites, I decided to break it all down in this article.

Fair Trade is a certification that guarantees fair prices to farmers, safe and humane working conditions, and sustainable practices. Let us dive into the world of Kauai Coffee and explore if they are a fair trade company.

Kauai Coffee is not only fair trade certified, but also certified in the Rainforest Alliance, and Non-GMO Project Verified. You can drink Kauai coffee with peace of mind! To obtain one of these certifications, companies must go through a thorough verification process that ensures that farmers are being paid fair wages and methods are being used to protect the environment.

The Rainforest Alliance is particularly rigorous, as the organization monitors farms for their water use, soil quality, and overall sustainability. Rainforest Alliance farms must also adhere to strict guidelines on how the coffee is grown and harvested. Kauai Coffee prides itself in producing coffee that is sustainable, socially responsible and of the highest quality.

Is Kauai Coffee Ethical?

Is Kauai Coffee Fair Trade

Yes! Kauai Coffee is ethical in that it is a company with a mission to produce high-quality, sustainably grown coffee. It works directly with farmers to empower them and bring their product to a global market. Kauai Coffee also has certifications in the Rainforest Alliance and Non-GMO Project Verified, guaranteeing that their practices adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and ethics.

By paying higher prices than other coffee buyers on the island and providing educational programs for its farmers, Kauai Coffee is taking steps towards ethical practices. Only time will tell if their actions lead to official certification as a fair trade.

Fair trade certified coffee means more than just a cup of coffee. It is a commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainable farming practices, and improved working conditions for farmers around the world. Whether you are a fan of Kauai Coffee or not, it’s important to remember that there are many companies out there striving to do their part in making the world a better place.

How Can You Tell If Coffee Is Fair Trade?

There is a number of ways to tell if a coffee is fair trade certified.

First, you can look for the Fairtrade logo on the product packaging. Second, many brands will offer information about their sustainability and ethical sourcing practices on their website or in their descriptions. Finally, you can always research a company online to find out more about its production processes.

How is Fair Trade Coffee Produced?

Fair trade coffee is produced according to strict guidelines set by the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). Coffee production must meet standards of sustainable farming practices and fair labor laws. This includes paying a minimum price per pound of cherry, providing safe working conditions, and investing in educational programs for farmers.

By purchasing fair trade coffee products, you are helping to support farmers and their families around the world. Fair trade certification also helps to protect the environment and encourage sustainable farming practices.

What Is The Difference Between Kauai Coffee That Is Fair Trade VS Organic Coffee?

Kauai coffee that’s fair trade certified has been produced according to the standards set by the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International. This includes paying a minimum price per pound of cherry, providing safe working conditions and investing in educational programs for farmers.

Organic coffee on the other hand is grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and without genetic modification. It is important to note that organic certification does not guarantee fair labor practices or sustainability standards, which are key factors in fair trade coffee.

While both Kauai Coffee and organic coffee may be produced sustainably and ethically, only fair trade certified products guarantee that farmers have been treated fairly. By purchasing fair trade certified products, you can be sure that your purchase is helping to promote sustainability and ethical sourcing practices around the world.


Kauai Coffee’s commitment to environmental preservation also highlights their dedication to producing coffee sustainably and responsibly especially with the triple certification they have achieved. I love companies that give this kind of love back to its industry so I tend to support such companies a lot more.  If the treatment of coffee farmers and the environment is of concern to you, then go ahead and order some Kauai coffee and sit back and sip it with