Izzy’s Coffee Den – Asheville

Izzy's Coffee Den

Izzy’s Coffee Den is a coffee shop with two locations in Asheville, North Carolina. Existing now for over a decade, Izzy’s is currently owned by Kristin and Ross Britton. It was in 2015 that the couple opened the second Izzy’s location, which came hot off the heels of controversy.

Having been looking to expand their business operations, an opportunity was presented to them and successfully fulfilled with the closing of former Asheville coffee shop, Waking Life Coffee.

Having been exposed for exhibiting misogynistic behaviors online, the owners of Waking Life relinquished their lease on the property that the second Izzy’s location resides. If you want to learn how to make coffee in a jebana, here’s your chance.

2 Great Locations to Choose From

This particular Izzy’s actually goes by the name of Izzy’s Coffee House rather than “Den” because the location is fashioned out of a literal house, and as such, is prime for serving the North Lexington neighborhood it can be found.

The original Izzy’s Coffee Den is located in downtown Asheville, in a brick strip of businesses.  The only differences between the two Izzy’s shops are the building types, and the colors of the interior walls. The downtown store is a bit darker, painted in dark reds and blues, and the Lexington location in lighter tans.

Parking Spots Offered for Those in a Rush

Besides that, each location was organized to provide maximum efficiency, both in the placement of furniture and coffee bar, as well as the inclusion of parking spots exclusively dedicated to customers that are looking to get in, get a cup, and get out.

Those that stay and enjoy their orders will see black trim, wooden tables, comfortable furniture, and pieces from local artists at each location.  What those customers may find in their cups consists of roasts from Counter Culture, Mountain Air, Blanchards, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Their Specialty Drinks are Very Popular

The variety ensures a representation of roasters from all around the United States, and in return, coffees from all around the world. Izzy’s takes these many roasts and serves them as select drip coffees, and also serves the mandatory array of beverages such as mochas, lattes, americanos, cafe au laits, and both normal and dirty chai lattes.

These drinks are offered in hot, iced, and frappe forms, but the coffee offerings extend beyond these standards, also filling the specialty menu. This includes deluxe beverages with more rich flavors, such as the “3 Bean Dream,” which is a double espresso mixed with coffee, milk, and chocolate; and the “Mexican Mocha,” which is a double espresso with milk, cinnamon, cayenne, and chocolate. 

Also Serving Baked Goods, Beer & Wine

Izzy’s Coffee Den sells baked goods such as cookies, bagels, and crackers made in-house, but uniquely, they also serve beer and wine. The beer is bottled, though there are plans to offer rotating kegs. The wine is offered in five by-the-glass options and five by-the-bottle options.

The total menu makeup of coffee, beer, wine, and desserts makes for a business well-equipped to welcome customers to lounge for long periods of time and from early morning till the late evening. Whether you prefer your drinks and food in the darker downtown mood or light household hues, Izzy’s Coffee Den or House have plenty to offer.


976 Haywood Rd, and 74 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, North Carolina.