Lineage Coffee Roasting – Orlando

Lineage Coffee Roasting_Orlando

Lineage Coffee Roasting Coffee Shop happily welcomes coffee lovers of all kinds from far and near tasting their heavenly crafted coffee. In January 2012, two passionate individuals by the name’s of Justine and Jarrett decided to journey out and start their very own coffee business.

Around October of that same year, Jarrett and Justine decided to go ahead and purchase their first ever 3 kg coffee roaster with the help of others. Because of their love for coffee, the two did lots of traveling and learning from other passionate coffee roasters. Today on Jiale Coffee, we are delving into the Lineage Coffee Roasting Cafe in Orlando, FL.

Serving Coffee to Orlando Since 2012 and Still Growing

In September 2013, Ryan got on board with the Lineage Coffee Roasting family and Lineage’s official Coffee Bar eventually opened up at the East End Market. By July 2015, the Lineage Coffee Roasting coffee shop soon began to set up successful trade relationships in the countries of Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala.

By December 2017, Lineage Coffee Roasting coffee shop had officially opened up their second coffee shop location in downtown Orlando, Florida.

Customers Rave About Their Espresso Roast

Their amazing Modern America Espresso roast has rich tasting notes of sweet toffee and dried berries and is rooted out of Peru. Modern America espresso is one of their favorites among customers, and they are able to craft this specific coffee in such a way that truly puts light on the fruity flavors and sweetness of character in it.

Their Brewing Method Sets Them Aside From Other Local Shops

Lineage’s 431 Colombian espresso has fruity tasting notes of sweet cooked fruits and is a magnificently crafted darker roast of coffee. What makes Lineage Coffee Roasting coffee shop unique from other coffee houses is that the coffee shop uses the special Chemex coffee brewing method to brew their crafted roasts in large volumes.

They are able to do this without sacrificing any of the beautiful, rich flavors of their coffee too. Lineage Coffee also uses the special pour-over and cold-brew methods of brewing coffee too.

With every cup of hot or cold coffee the team at Lineage Coffee Roasting coffee house makes for their customers, they make sure to always make it with love and passion in mind.

Offering Fresh Baked Bread and Other Delicious Treats

Whether you are looking for a cold brew vegan. roast or just a cold brew white roast, the Lineage Coffee Roasting cafe has both that is sure to satisfy. Nestled among several other artisan shops, Lineage Coffee has some of the best Ethiopian roasted coffee beans in Orlando. They also offer fresh baked bread, sweet and delicious pastries, and light and healthy avocado toast.

Located in a charming and relaxed area, the cozy and casual coffee house is happy to serve their customers with quick and graceful customer service. They are open from Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are conveniently located close to other small shops and craft stores.

So, come on in and experience the wonderful flavors of Lineage’s Ethiopian coffee roasts. Just don’t forget to purchase a dessert and some delicious freshly baked bread when you come.


3201 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL 32803