Little Owl Coffee – Denver

Little Owl Coffee

Founded in 2013 by Seanna Forey, Little Owl Coffee is a coffee bar and cafe in the Lower Downtown district of Denver, Colorado. A native of the area herself, Forey decided to open Little Owl when she realized that the area was without any coffee shops of the sort; that sort being of the third-wave, artisan breed. We did extensive Sumatran coffee brands research here, if you’re interested.

You Get that Welcoming Feeling

One particular trait that she felt was lacking in many coffee shops was that of a welcoming feel or demeanor. Through conversation and cooperation, Little Owl found its home on the first floor of the SugarCube building, which is also home to many people living in its condos and apartments. 

Now, right next to the entrance of the building, residents and customers from abroad alike can pop on in to the high-design and welcoming environment adorned with the logo of a tiny owl on a tree branch.

The design was a challenge in itself. With a space featuring a smaller-than-ideal size, there had to be compromise and forethought. In order to make it work, the spending was higher than it could have been, with extra money used to acquire amenities such as sliding door refrigerators and custom built food cases that take up less room.

Adorable Artistic Decor & Coffee

The store is a mere three hundred and eighty square feet, but it doesn’t feel claustrophobic due to have the huge entry way of SugarCube right outside its own entrance. Despite the compromises, Little Owl looks fantastically sleek and clean. With as much artistic craft is put into the coffee, the store includes the same.

With a very modern look, most of the space is coated in white. All of the walls are either flat white or marbled, the squared counter where all of the work is done is white, and most of the equipment used on top of it is white.

It may sound like a whitewashed environment, but it is balanced out by the light-brown wood floor, and the slightly darker wooden ceiling. Of course, there are also the deep browns of the coffee.

A Match Made in Denver

Little Owl partners with MiddleState for their roasts. Between the owners is a history of friendship, and combined in force, Little Owl doles out drinks that they claim to have a habit of “nerding out over.”

Nothing particularly unusual, the menu consists of many single-origin roasts, and the mandatory mochas, macchiatos, cortados, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and more. 

Order Coffee Roasts to Your House

Most roasts can be purchased in packages from Little Owl’s website, but the store offers one more thing, and that is the variety of treats the custom glass case was built to house. These include croissants, fritters, cakes, and even candy bars. You can enjoy any and all of these things from any of the tables that are equipped with ergonomically beneficial stools.

Little Owl Coffee cares about its customers. It strives to offer high quality products, and certainly a high quality atmosphere. Despite the fanciful nature of the business, the owner places emphasis on good customer service with a welcoming attitude, contrary to experiences she has had elsewhere.


1555 Blake St, STE 150, Denver, Colorado, 80202.