Magnum Coffee Roastery: Magnum Exotics

Coffee is grown in many parts of the world. But one country, in particular, has some of the best coffee on the planet.

Jamaica is known to be the home of some of the world’s most flavorful beans. We are going to take a look at one company that provides Blue Mountain coffee blends, as well as private label coffee products, and is based in Michigan. If you are looking for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for sale, look below or click on our comprehensive page.

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Magnum Coffee Roastery: The World’s Leading Private Label Coffee Company

If you are trying to start a coffee brand, shouldn’t you have the finest coffee in the world? The answer is yes, of course!

Magnum Coffee Roastery can provide you with coffee blends that are sourced directly from farmers who grow their beans in high altitude areas of the country.

These hard to reach regions are known to produce some of the best beans in the world. This is just one of the many reasons why this company is one of the biggest private label providers in the world.

Coffee Directly From The Source

While Magnum Coffee Roastery does offer private label coffee products, they also sell their own brand. If you are a person that loves coffee, you will be happy to find that you can purchase a bag of Blue Mountain blend directly from the source.

They have a wide selection of blends to choose from that includes their own house blend, which has a delightful taste. You can order their blends directly from the company website.

Different Blends From Different Nations

The Magnum Coffee Roastery not only carries premium gourmet beans, but they also source from other regions of the world. They have coffee bean blends from Hawaii, Jamaica, and other exotic locations.

This gives you a wide range of coffee blends to choose from, all with their own unique flavors and aromas. If you love variety, you should really check out what they have to offer!

Their coffee is widely popular and for good reason. But, don’t take our word for it, go out and get yourself a bag of their coffee and try it yourself.

Make Your Brand Standout

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As we have already learned, Magnum Coffee Roastery is a leader in the private label coffee industry. They can also help new coffee companies! If you are trying to get the word out about your new coffee brand, this company can help.

The private label products that Magnum Coffee Roastery offers will help your new brand stand out from the rest. There are a ton of coffee brands on the market today. Being as unique as possible is highly important.

They not only help you build a coffee label you can be proud of, but they also help with many other aspects of brand building.


As you can see, Magnum Coffee Roastery will not only help your coffee brand stand out, but they will provide you with the most flavorful coffee around.

If you are just a person that loves coffee, you will also be happy to find that you can purchase their own brand of beans. Make sure to check this coffee company out the next time you want a cup of Joe.