Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Mavis Bank is a small, picturesque, rural town nestled quaintly in the mountainous eastern region of Jamaica. The town harbors the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, internationally recognized for the production of Jablum coffee.

The factory was established back in 1923, and has grown to be the largest producer of the one of the best Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. It boasts an attractive production record of about one million pounds of green beans per year.

It services approximately six thousand coffee farmers annually. The Jablum brand is the company’s longtime serving coffee production line, and most sought after all around the world.

#1. Jablum Gold Coffee

enjoying jamaican blue mountain coffee

Jablum Gold coffee is made from Peaberry (a type of coffee bean), as well as grade one arabica beans. It is grown in the lofty, mountainous region of Blue Peak.

A slew of factors contributes to its success, ranging from growing at the optimum altitude, moderate humidity under the gentle cloud cover, mountain shade, and sublime sunlight, as well as mineral-rich soil.

It is usually an attractive dark roast of arabica beans. Under the gold production line, there are four items available for sale: Jablum Gold, ground (8 oz), Jablum Gold, whole beans (8 oz), Jablum Gold ground (16 oz), and Jablum Gold, whole beans (16 oz).

#2. Jablum Classic

This is a signature coffee, with a rich acid aroma that is handpicked and roasted before it is shipped. There are 5 items available under the Classic production line for sale: Jablum Classic, ground (8 oz), Jablum Classic, whole beans (8 oz), Jablum Classic, ground (16 oz), Jablum Classic, Peaberry Beans (16 oz), and Jablum Classic, ground in a tin.

#3. Jablum Caribbean

This premium blend gives exhilarating taste sensations, and features a strong flavor, making it a favorite to many. The thrilling sweetness is juxtaposed by a suppressed acidity, giving it a rich taste.

The Mavis Bank Coffee Factory is owned currently by the National Investment Bank of Jamaica, and the Munn family group. The partnership is 30/70, in favor of the bank.

The managing director is senator Norman Grant. The factory gets its supply of coffee beans from among its plantations, including Orchard Rest, St. Thomas, and Abbey.

Similarly, it also outsources from farmers, as mentioned earlier, making it an economic foundation in the area, creating employment and generating income for the farmers. Predominantly, coffee picking is done by women.

After picking, the berries are usually sun-dried for about 58 days, or dried in a gigantic tumbler during rainy weather for two days.

Dry coffee is then aged in sacks for 11 weeks, when the outer shell is removed, and the beans are then washed clean and roasted in a roaster. From picking to shipping is usually a long process, spanning for almost three years.

Why Is the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Successful?

While the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory may have grown expansively over the years, the craft of making perfect coffee has always been the same. The care they take to make the best beans possible is what makes them so special.

The quality of coffee is due to patience and careful treatment of the berries, ensuring a perfect blend of the final product. The Jablum brand still maintains as the most sought-after coffee throughout the world, thanks to the Mavis Bank Coffee factory!