Melitta – A Leader In The Brazilian Coffee Market?

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Melitta, one of the most popular coffee brands in Brazil, offers an authentic taste of traditional Brazilian coffee. The company has production plants in Brazil, however, their corporate headquarters is located in Germany. They have divisions worldwide that either make coffee, or coffee accessories.

If you’re interested in what flavors of coffee they sell, or are just looking for some background information on the company, then this is the article for you.

A Staple On Brazilian Supermarket Shelves

Melitta can be found on the shelves of most supermarkets in Brazil, as it is a mass-market brand there. It is most often sold in the pre-grounded roasted variety, which is also imported to the United States, and is sold as a niche product.

You will also find capsules, beans, and pre-made coffee beverages, made by Melitta, throughout Brazil.

Several Coffee Flavors

They have many coffee flavors available to choose from. Whether you’re interested in a bitter coffee, one which is sweet, or a more acidic coffee, Melitta will be able to whet your appetite.

They also offer regional flavors throughout Brazil, adding certain elements to their coffee, which are particular to different areas.

Grown And Produced In Brazil

Melitta’s coffee is grown in a very fertile part of Brazil. Known for its biodiversity, this is perhaps the reason why many of their coffee beans are noted for their rich flavor!

Many “Brazilian” coffees are simply Brazilian style, but that is not the case with Melitta. It is also grounded and filtered in Bom Jesus and Avaré in southeastern Brazil, making it 100% authentically Brazilian.

Not Just Coffee!

However, they don’t just offer coffee. They also sell other coffee related accessories. These include coffee pots, brewers, mugs, and even heat-resistant glasses that you can drink coffee with!

They also have capsules for coffee machines, in all of their major flavors, so that those with automatic coffee machines can enjoy their rich, Brazilian flavor.

A Front-Runner In Brazilian Coffee

Anyone who has a passive knowledge of Brazilian coffee will have heard of Melitta coffee. Hopefully, this article has given you sufficient background information to know what they offer, and how they operate!